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1.0 Introduction <br />The State of Colorado's Water Budget and Consumptive Use and Losses Reporting Tool <br />(StateWB) was developed to perform three functions: 1) calculate a basin -wide water balance, <br />2) generate a consumptive use and losses summary, and 3) generate a Consumptive Use and <br />Losses Report. These three functions were combined into the same tool because they rely upon <br />common input files used for the three functions. <br />StateWB is a Microsoft Access database which utilizes custom forms for data entry and queries <br />and code to calculate the water budget and generate the CU and Losses reports. For the <br />Consumptive Use and Losses Report, the tool also includes a MS Word document that is linked <br />to the database using built -in mail -merge functionality. This document describes how to use <br />StateWB and presumes the reader has a basic understanding of the Microsoft Access application <br />and water budget analysis in general. It is intended for use by engineers, water resource <br />planners, and others involved in water management decision - making. <br />1.1 Calculations <br />To calculate a water balance, StateWB performs the following simple water budget mass <br />balance equation where inflows less outflows equal changes in storage: <br />Inflows — Outflows = Changes in Storage <br />Inflows <br />• Gaged Surface Water Inflow <br />• Ground Water Inflow <br />• Imports <br />• Precipitation <br />• Ungaged Surface Water Inflow <br />Outflows <br />• Crop Consumptive Use <br />• Exports <br />• Gaged Surface Water Outflow <br />• Ground Water Outflow <br />• Livestock Consumptive Use <br />• Municipal and Industrial Consumptive Use <br />• Native Vegetation Consumptive Use <br />• Reservoir Evaporation <br />Changes in Storage <br />• Change in Ground Water Storage <br />• Change in Surface Water Storage <br />Page 4 <br />