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Release Notes TSTool Documentation <br />Known Limitation When saving time series product ( *. tsp) files, the absolute path of files is saved. This <br />is not as portable as saving a path relative to the command file. It may be necessary to edit the product <br />file manually to change file paths from absolute to relative — the relative path will then be converted to <br />absolute when processed and time series files will be found, assuming that the locations are consistent. <br />Known Limitation The ReadStateCUB O command, unlike other read commands, does not provide a <br />discovery mode. Consequently, other commands will not be provided with a list of time series identifiers <br />for the binary file. The reason for this is that StateMod and StateCU binary files can contain a huge <br />number of time series and providing a list could be overwhelming and slow. Alternatives are being <br />evaluated. Currently, commands that reference time series in the binary files must use more generic <br />selection methods such as TSLIST= AllMatchingTSID and TSID with wildcards. <br />Known Limitation Plotting features do not know understand the concept of instantaneous, mean, and <br />accumulated time series (referred to as the time scale). All values are plotted at data value date /time. In <br />the future, features may be implemented to automatically determine from the time scale whether to adjust <br />the visual representation based on the time scale. <br />Changes in Version 9.09.00 <br />Changes in Versions 9.08.00 — 9.08.01 <br />■ Bu Fi [09.08.01] HydroBase AutoConnect property in TSTool configuration file was not being <br />recognized for non -CDSS configurations. This has been fixed. <br />4 - Appendix — Release Notes <br />