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Release Notes <br />TSTool Documentation <br />TSTool Version <br />Summary of Changes in Version <br />Release date <br />9.01.00 — 9.03.06 <br />Add VariableLagK O and RunDSSUTL O commands, fix <br />2009 -04 -29 <br />several bugs, and enhance several commands. Add <br />preliminary CheckTimeSeries O , <br />writeCheckFile O commands. Enhance the <br />Changelnterval () command and documentation. <br />9.00.00 — 9.00.05 <br />Update from Java 1.4.2 to Java 1.6, various bug fixes. <br />2009 -02 -05 <br />8.18.00 — 8.18.02 <br />Initial HEC -DSS support. Improved RiversideDB support. <br />2008 -11 -24 <br />8.17.01 — 8.17.02 <br />Bug fixes for 8.17.00. See below. New features include <br />2008 -10 -29 <br />File ... New to open a new command file and add support for <br />new StateMod 12.29 binary file format. <br />8.17.00 <br />All commands are updated to the new error handling and <br />2008 -10 -06 <br />named parameter notation. Many other minor changes have <br />been made for consistency. Many minor user - requested <br />enhancements have been implemented. Several minor bugs <br />reported by users have been fixed. The StateCUB (StateCU <br />binary output file) has been enabled. <br />8.16.00 — 8.16.02 <br />Migrate additional commands to new error- handling and <br />2008 -07 -22 <br />named parameter notation. Add P=Python O and <br />FTPGet O commands. <br />8.15.01 — 8.15.03 <br />Fix a number of problems where migration of commands from <br />2008 -06 -11 <br />fixed parameter to named parameter syntax resulted in some <br />old command files not being handled. The command file is <br />also now marked as modified if any commands are <br />automatically updated. Added more error checks, such as in <br />DateValue file reading to help provide better feedback to <br />users. <br />8.13.00 — 8.14.02 <br />Add commands to set properties, for use by other commands <br />2008 -02 -20 <br />(e.g., to configure file names). Continue updating commands <br />to utilize the new error handling. <br />8.03.00 — 8.12.06 <br />Update many commands to utilize new error handling and <br />2008 -01 -14 <br />consistently handle the TSList parameter. Add ensemble <br />processing to many commands. Enable ability for read <br />commands to run in discovery mode to let other commands <br />know time series identifiers. Add more commands to compute <br />statistics time series. <br />8.00.00 — 8.02.00 <br />Update main interface to use new error- handling visualization <br />2007 -12 -03 <br />features. Add several commands to allow TSTool to perform <br />regression tests on itself. <br />7.04.00 <br />Various updates for HydroBase including adding support for <br />2007 -06 -22 <br />administrative flow station. Allow reading StateMod rights <br />files and handle new StateCU file formats. <br />7.01.00 <br />Support new SFUT(G) coding for HydroBase diversion <br />2007 -03 -02 <br />classes, and allow CIU when filling diversion data. Fix a <br />number of bugs in the analyzePattern () , <br />f illlnter olate O , and cumulate O commands <br />7.00.00 <br />Begin distributing software using a new installer. Add CASS <br />2006 -10 -31 <br />livestock data and human population data. <br />6.19.00 <br />Update to extend period when filling with diversion <br />2006 -05 -19 <br />comments. <br />2 - Appendix — Release Notes <br />