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StateWB Release Notes <br />• Version Number: 1.1 <br />• Revision Date: August, 2001 <br />• File Name: stateWB.exe <br />• Byte Size: 1,507,328 <br />• Description: The State of Colorado's Water Budget Model (StateWB) was developed to <br />perform a water balance for a wide range of basins or sub-basin combinations. StateWB is a <br />Visual Basic computer program that calculates the mass balance of a defined area's surface and <br />ground water inflows, outflows, and changes in storage on a monthly, annual, or average annual <br />time step. <br />The model is distributed as an installation program that will install the StateWB model. Also <br />included in the installation program is the StateWB help document (wbguic.hlp), the figures that <br />are used by that document (*.bmp), and several .dll libraries that are required by Visual Basic to <br />run the program. <br />Features new in version 1.1 are: <br />• Revisions were made to the Save/Load graphing templates to correct problems with re- <br />loading templates after a graph has been created. <br />