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SPDSS Memorandum <br />Final <br />To: Ray Alvarado & Ray Bennett <br />From: LRE -Rick Parsons, Mark Mitisek, and Erin Wilson <br />Subject: Task 7.2 -Well Use and Well Augmentation Plans <br />Date: December 14, 2007 <br />INTRODUCTION <br />The Task 7.2 objectives carried out in Phase 3 and Phase 4 were to: <br />Address, characterize, and develop recommendations for representing well use and <br />augmentation throughout the SPDSS study area. Collect, review and summarize the <br />primary elements of the largest well augmentation plans, to be identified based on <br />discussions with Division 1 personnel and ditch and reservoir company representatives. <br />Identify, review, and document specific administration, accounting procedures, and <br />history of the largest current plans. <br />The HydroBase database (Version 20060816) contains information regarding wells, ground <br />water rights, augmentation plans, recharge water rights, recharge/augmentation facilities, and <br />records of plan operations. Review of Water Court <br />decrees and applications for the largest augmentation <br />plans, discussions with Water Commissioners and other <br />Water Division 1 personnel, and ditch and reservoir <br />company representatives, supplemented information from <br />HydroBase and GIS coverages. <br />Review of the 2001 irrigated acreage coverage in the <br />North Platte River basin did not identify any irrigated <br />parcels attached to wells. Similarly, there are no Water <br />District 47 augmentation plan identification numbers <br />(IDs) in HydroBase. Therefore, no further analysis of <br />irri ation well use and corres ondin au mentation in the <br />Table of Contents Pale <br />Introduction 1 <br />Background 2 <br />Definitions 2 <br />Approach 3 <br />Results <br />Plan Identification 7 <br />Modeling Recommendations <br />and Plan Operations 11 <br />Comments and Concerns 14 <br />References 16 <br />Appendices A-1 <br />g P g g <br />North Platte River basin is included herein. Further information regarding the limited use of <br />wells for municipal purposes in the North Platte River basin is available in the SPDSS Task 3 <br />Water District 47 Meeting Notes memorandum. <br />The primary objective for review and summary of information related to well augmentation <br />plans in the SPDSS Study Area is development of a baseline data set representing current <br />conditions. The information provided in this memorandum was developed from publicly <br />accessible sources, and discussions with various parties. Information in this memorandum is <br />1of16 <br />