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Final SPDSS Memorandum <br />To: Ray Alvarado, Andy Moore, Ray Bennett, Brian Ahrens <br />From: Michael J. Smith, Gordon McCurry <br />Date: July 29, 2005 <br />Subject: Task 50.1 -Review of Existing Approaches to Development of a Data Centered <br />Approach for the SPDSS Groundwater Component <br />Introduction <br />The objective of Task 50 of the SPDSS Groundwater Component is to evaluate current data <br />centered approaches that the State has previously implemented for groundwater modeling and to <br />design enhancements to this process for implementation in Phase 3. Task 50 is being completed <br />in three stages, with deliverables at each stage. <br />The initial stage (Task 50.1), addressed in this first Technical Memorandum (TM), summarizes <br />the existing data centered modeling process that has been implemented by the State for the Rio <br />Grande Decision Support System (RGDSS) and identifies candidate graphical user interface <br />(GUI) tools for screening and selection in subsequent tasks. The evaluation focuses on <br />groundwater processes, since surface water and consumptive use related processes are mature <br />and currently meet the State's needs. <br />The second stage (Task 50.2) will define and prioritize potential enhancements to the data <br />centered modeling process. This will include identification of data types used in the modeling, <br />where the data reside, current processes to move data from the source repository to the models <br />and an identification and prioritization of enhancements. This second stage will also identify <br />needed output types for future model use and as well as prioritizing development needs to <br />provide these outputs. A detailed summary of the proposed data centered approach, including <br />selection of a primary modeling GUI, for the SPDSS will be provided in this report. <br />The third stage (Task 50.3) will provide a scope of work and cost estimate for implementing high <br />priority enhancements during Phase 3. The proposed workflow, including linkages between data <br />sources and models, will be defined in sufficient detail to prepare the cost estimate. This scope <br />will identify the specific programs that will be developed or modified. Reports and visualization <br />tools to meet requirements identified in this TM will also be defined. <br />The data centered approach to groundwater modeling defines processes and tools that facilitate a <br />linkage between data sources, such as HydroBase and State GIS coverages, and a numerical <br />groundwater model. This approach facilitates rapid updating of numerical models when changes <br />to underlying data sets occur, model simulation periods change, or additional processes need to <br />be incorporated. This capability requires use of model support tools that allow definition of <br />conceptual model elements independent of the numerical model. The overall objectives of Task <br />50 are to design a data centered groundwater modeling process that incorporates the best <br />processes and modeling tools that were developed by the State for the RGDSS modeling effort, <br />and to identify areas for enhancement for the SPDSS groundwater modeling efforts. <br />