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SPDSS Phase 3 Task 44.3 South Platte Alluvium Region <br />Water Level Technical Memorandum <br />FINAL <br />To: Ray Alvarado, CWCB <br />From: Camp Dresser and McKee Inc. <br />Mark McCluskey, Donavon Paschall, Jessica Poceta, and Gordon McCurry <br />Subject: SPDSS Groundwater Component Phase 3, Final Task 44.3 <br />South Platte Alluvium Region Water Level Technical Memorandum <br />Date: November 29, 2006 <br />Introduction <br />The groundwater component of the South Platte Decision Support System (SPDSS) focuses on <br />compiling and evaluating available relevant data to support the Decision Support System (DSS) <br />for the South Platte River watershed and to add the data to HydroBase, the State of Colorado's <br />hydrological database. The SPDSS groundwater study area is presented in Figure 1. For the <br />purposes of the SPDSS, the groundwater study area is divided into two hydrologic regions. The <br />Denver Basin Region includes the bedrock aquifers of the Denver Basin. The South Platte <br />Alluvium Region consists of the unconsolidated deposits of the South Platte River mainstem, <br />extending downstream from just below Chatfield Reservoir to the Nebraska state line at <br />Julesburg, and consists of the unconsolidated deposits of the tributaries to the South Platte <br />River. The South Platte Alluvium Region also includes the alluvium overlying the Denver Basin <br />bedrock aquifers in Water Divisions 1 and 2. <br />The unconsolidated alluvial aquifers in the SPDSS study area consist of the South Platte River <br />and its tributaries, as well as tributaries to the Arkansas River where they overlie the Denver <br />Basin Region. From a hydrogeologic perspective, key tributaries in the SPDSS study area <br />include East Plum Creek, Cherry Creek, Sand Creek, Clear Creek, Big Dry, St. Vrain, Big <br />Thompson, Beebe Draw, Cache la Poudre, Lonetree Creek, Crow Creek, Box Elder Creek, Lost <br />Creek, Kiowa Creek, Bijou Creek, Badger Creek, Beaver Creek, Upper Black Squirrel Creek, and <br />Upper Big Sandy Creek, the last two of which are located in Water Division 2 and drain into the <br />Arkansas River. The eastern and southern portions of the Denver Basin have been divided into <br />several Designated Basins for the purposes of water rights administration. The Designated <br />Basins within the Denver Basin Region include the Lost Creek, Kiowa-Bijou, Upper Black <br />Squirrel, and Upper Big Sandy Creek Designated Basins. <br />This work was undertaken for the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) and Division of <br />Water Resources (DWR), under Tasks 35 and 44 of Phases 1, 2, and 3 of the SPDSS by Camp <br />Dresser & McKee (CDM). Task 35 of the SPDSS identified, drilled, and instrumented <br />monitoring wells in the South Platte Alluvium and Task 44 of the SPDSS include the collection, <br />analysis, and mapping of existing water level data. The objectives of these tasks are as follows: <br />SPDSS Phase 3 Task 44.3 TM -Final <br />11/29/2006 <br />