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Task 1 -Irrigated Lands Assessment Release <br />Notes <br />The following report describes the approach and results for Task 1 -Irrigated Lands Assessment <br />portion of RGDSS. The purpose of the irrigated lands assessment was to determine the extent <br />(i.e. irrigated parcel boundary and ditch service area), and character (i.e. crop type) of irrigated <br />lands in the Rio Grande Basin. The character (i.e. land cover classification) of all lands within <br />the ground water model area was also determined. Other RGDSS contractors will use this <br />information to estimate consumptive uses in the basin. Four major GIS products were developed <br />as part of the irrigated lands assessment: <br />1) a ditch service area theme was produced to delineate the service area boundaries of the surface <br />water structures in the basin, <br />2) a composite false color satellite image was developed to serve as a raster backdrop to other <br />GIS themes, <br />3) an irrigated parcel theme was developed to delineate the boundary and important attributes of <br />the irrigated parcels within the basin, <br />4) a land cover classification theme (irrigated and non-irrigated) was developed to assist in <br />determining the consumptive use of the non-irrigated portions of the basin. <br />