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Rio Grande Decision Support System <br />Feasibility Study <br />Back - Refresh Home Search Favorites Print Fon[ Mail <br />dress hltpJ/gieenmM/d6/dlg/dlg4pplet2. htm ± <br />Rio Grande Decision Support System <br /> <br />The Rio Grande Decision Support System (RGDSS) is a system inte~ating data and analysis x, <br />~~fi *s <br />software which helps water users andwatermanagersmakemoreinformeddecisions.IIsersaccess ' <br />applications and on-line documentation from the main interface. Context sensitive help is available <br />for each model. Major components are: ~' <br />Database -contains historical, real-time, administrative, and operations data <br />Models -provides access to planning, administrative, and operations models <br />Tools -data analysis and transfer tools <br />GIS provides access to GIS data and tools <br />Products - RGDSS products available on the Internet <br />Help -main on-line documentation interface, including searches, news, feedback <br />1-- . .. ^ <br />. -. <br />JJ <br />^~~ <br />Ill V <br />/l <br />- - .der, i.,~e i ~ <br />i.~.reoi ~<a <br />Submitted by: <br />4 <br />~~ <br />'~,~ <br /> <br />Prepared for: <br />Colorado Division of Water Resources <br />Colorado Water Conservation Board <br />April 1998 <br />Riverside Technology, inc. HRS F304~LE <br />`~ <br />