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<br />Compact Facts <br /> <br />Nebraska v. Wyoming 325 U.S. 665 (1945) and 345 U.S. 981 (1953) <br />Equitably apportions water in the North Platte River between Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Limits total <br />irrigation in Jackson County to 145,000 acres and 17,000 AF of storage for irrigation during anyone irrigation <br />season. Limits total water exports from the North Platte River in Colorado to no more than 60,000 AF during any <br />I a-year period. <br /> <br />Wyoming v. Colorado, 260 U.S. 1 (1922) and 309 U.S. 572 (1940) <br />Establishes the rights of Colorado and Wyoming to water in the Laramie River Basin. Limits total diversions from the <br />Laramie River in Colorado to a total of 39,750 AF, divided among specific water facilities, including 15,500 AF to <br />out-of-basin uses through the Laramie-Poudre Tunnel; 18,000 AF through the Skyline Ditch; and 4,250 AF through <br />various "meadow land appropriations." <br /> <br />Statewide Water Supply Initiative <br />Fact Sheet <br /> <br /> <br />North Platte Basin <br /> <br />..1 ~'_ <br /> <br /> <br />IS~WlQ!; <br /> <br />""''''' J I <br />~ _ . i~lI....Llf'S <br />I ~-I- <br />~.. I I <br /> <br />I '1.~""""'..;lo;...... ~ <br /> <br /> <br />. ~1r ".3~, <br />- .... ~ . <br /> <br />::: <br /> <br />Major Storage Projects <br /> <br /> Normal Storage <br />ReseNoir IAF) <br />Lake John 7,092 <br />MacFarlane ReseNoir 6,951 <br />Walden ReseNoir 4,506 <br />Meadow Creek ReseNoir 4,400 <br />Laune ReseNoir 3,722 <br />Pole Mountain ReseNoir 1,905 <br />North Michigan Creek ReseNoir 1,730 <br />Lower Big Creek ReseNoir 1,434 <br />Agua Fria ReseNoir 550 <br />Seymour ReseNoir 525 <br />West Arapahoe ReseNoir 497 <br />Buffalo ReseNoir 351 <br /> <br />Source: Colorado Division of Water Resources Office of Dam Safety Database <br /> <br />--~ <br />DOt.ORES.............-~A! <br /> <br />r ' , <br />1olON"Tml1AA,.." r- - <br />/ ......n.....T~ I <br />J I AAC,"ULETA <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />North Platte Basin Overview <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />The North Platte Basin is located in north central <br />Colorado in Jackson and a small portion of <br />Larimer Counties. The basin covers an area of <br />roughly 2,050 square miles. The population of <br />Walden in Jackson County is 727 people. <br /> <br />The North Platte Basin in Colorado is bounded on <br />the east by the Front Range, on the west by the <br />Park Range, on the south by the Rabbit Ears <br />Range, and on the north by the Colorado- <br />Wyoming state line. The land surface elevation of <br />the basin valley ranges between 8,000 and <br />9,000 feet. <br /> <br />~-~ <br /> <br />== <br /> <br />..:.. <br />... ;:: ,II <br />~ 1;.. _,..= U <br />=5~ ... <br /> <br />Photo courtesy of Colorado State Parks <br /> <br />Major Imports into the Basin <br /> <br />None <br /> <br />Major Exports into the Basin Averaging <br />Greater than 1,000 AF <br /> <br />Land use in the North Platte Basin includes forest <br />(46 percent) located on the edges of the basin <br />boundaries, shrubland (24 percent), and grassland <br />( 17 percent). The shrubland is concentrated in the <br />central portion of the basin. Grassland is typically <br />located near the basin edges just below the <br />forested areas. Agricultural areas generally are <br />concentrated in the central basin, but also follow <br />the basin's streams and rivers. <br /> <br /> Average <br /> Annual <br />Name Diversions <br /> IAF) <br />1 Laramie-Poudre Tunnel 18,580 <br />2 Michigan Ditch 3,294 <br />3 Wilson Supply Ditch 1,482 <br />TOTAL 23,356 <br /> <br />Water Conservancy Districts <br /> <br />Jackson County <br />Michigan River <br /> <br />Source: Division 1 and Division 6 Engineer's 1998 Annual Report 1 O-year average. <br /> <br />Bill Owens <br />Governor <br /> <br />North Platte Basin Water <br />Management Issues <br /> <br />Russell George <br />Department of Natural <br />Resources <br />Executive Director <br /> <br />Rod Kuharich <br />Colorado Water <br />Conservation Board <br />Director <br /> <br />The North Platte Basin will face <br />several key points and challenges <br />with respect to water <br />management issues and needs <br />over the next 30 years. The following provides an <br />overview of some of the points and challenges <br />that have been identified. <br /> <br />. Colorado's only basin with concern over lack of <br />growth and economic development. <br /> <br />. There is a desire to ensure protection of existing <br />water supplies, and a concern over the impact <br />of the lack of forest management. <br /> <br />. It is important that Endangered Species issues <br />on the Platte River in Central Nebraska are <br />successfully resolved and in a manner that does <br />not put pressure on water users to reduce <br />existing uses. <br /> <br />. The equitable apportionment decrees on the <br />North Platte and Laramie Rivers quantify the <br />amount of available water and lands that can <br />be irrigated. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br /> <br />Laramie River <br /> <br />Additional information on this River Basin is available at <br /> <br />February 2006 <br />