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<br />.. <br /> <br />. Attorney <br /> <br />, <br /> <br /> <br />City of Fort Collins <br /> <br />December 27,2001 <br /> <br />Anne M. Janicki <br />Sf. Water Resource Specialist <br />Stream and Lake Protection Section <br />Colorado Water Conservation Board <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 721 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br /> <br />BY FEDERAL EXPRESS <br /> <br />RE: Enclosed Quit Claim Deed from City of Fort Collins to CWCB <br /> <br />Dear Ms. Janicki: <br /> <br />Enclosed with this letter is the original Quit Claim Deed from the City of Fort Collins conveying <br />to the Colorado Water Conservation Board the Rockwell Ranch Irrigation Ditch water rights that <br />we have discussed previously. The Deed reflects the comments received from Linda Bassi from <br />the Attorney General's Office, and has been okayed by the U.S. Forest Service in connection <br />with the City's related land exchange with the Forest Service. <br /> <br />It would be very helpful if you would notify me (at970/221-6520) or Gale McGaha Miller (at <br />970/221-6231) when the Board will be considering the acceptance of this Deed. Also, at the time <br />the Deed has been. accepted and recorded, we would very much like a copy of the recorded Deed. <br /> <br />For our records, and in order to provide to the Forest Service confirmation that this Deed has <br />been delivered, please acknowledge receipt of this letter in the location indicated on the duplicate <br />original enclosed,and return it to me in the enclosed self-addressed envelope. Your assistance <br />and cheerful cooperation in proceeding with this conveyance has been very much appreciated! <br /> <br /> <br />Enclosures <br />pc: Gale McGaha Miller <br />Dennis Bode <br />James S. Bedwell, U.S. Forest Service <br />Dyce Gayton, U.S. Forest Service <br /> <br />I hereby acknowledge receipt of the above- <br />described Quit Claim Deed: <br /> <br />~ ~ ~^ ^ ~ / DEf./~ ~(e.. <br />~elT~ ~ <br /> <br />Date: /- J~tJ;!- <br /> <br />300 LaPorte Avenue' P.O. Box 580 . Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580 . (970) 221-6520 . FAX (970) 221-6327 <br /> <br />