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<br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />.e <br /> <br />k '?31/f0'17 <br />34 02 00 <br /> <br />Routing Y"5i/6f' <br /> <br />N-"). 'j <br /> <br />~~~~hs~f~l~h_~~~fI~s~I <br /> <br />THIS AGREE~ENT is made this lS~day of ~~~~~:c____, <br />1993. between Alma l. Scohy ((hereinafter "ScOhy"), The <br />Nature Conservancy. a District of Columbia nonprofit corpora- <br />tion (herei nafter the "Conservancy"). and the State of Colo- <br />rado for the use and benefit of the Department of Natural <br />Res0urces. acting by and through the Division of Wildlife <br />and the Colorado water Conservation, Board (hereinafter the <br />"State"): <br /> <br />~~s;,i.l2l.? <br /> <br />1. WHEREAS. authority exists in the law and funds <br />have been budgeted, appropriated and otherwise made avai lable <br />and a sufficient unencu~bered balance thereof remains avail- <br />able for payment in Fund NumDer ~QOI~ G/l Account Number <br />5241x _, Contract Encumbrance ~umber ___ ~_g!02175 <br />and <br /> <br />2. <br />nation have <br />cies; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, required approval, clearance and coordi- <br />been accomplished from and with appropriate agen- <br /> <br />3. ..HEREAS, <br />ously contracted for <br />the G. Berkely Ditch <br /> <br />Scohy and the Conservancy have previ- <br />the sale and purchase of 1.0 c.f.s. of <br />by agreement of March 7, 1978; and <br /> <br />4. WHEREAS. the Conservancy and the state have con- <br />tracted for the purchase and sale of the same water rigrt <br />by conlract of June 22, 1978 (executed by the state on August <br />~. 1978); and <br /> <br />5. WHEREAS, both contracts are expressly conditioned <br />upon successful quieting of title to said water. An action <br />was brought, as required, by the Conservancy to quiet title <br />which was unsuccessfully concluded by a dismissal without <br />prejudice of the case; and <br /> <br />6. WHEREAS, all parties are agreeable to attempt <br />to Cure the defects of title by relying upon the seven-year <br />statute of limitations, C.R.S. 1973,38-41-108 (1982 repl. <br />vol. 16A); it bein'.;) recognized that Scohy has the best title <br />r <br />to said water and it being the intention of the p,Hties <br />that the state will quiet title to said water after seven <br />I" <br />years' use thereof; and <br />