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<br />NOTE: This bill has been prepared for the signature ofthe appropriate legislative <br />.. " officers and the Governor. To determine whether the Governor has signed the bill <br />or taken other action on it, please consult the legislative status sheet, the legislative <br />history, or the Session Laws. <br /> <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />o <br /> <br />--.-/ - <br />::::./ <br /> <br />------~ <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />SENATE BILL 06-179 <br /> <br />BY SENATOR(S) Isgar, Brophy, Dyer, Entz, Fitz-Gerald, Kester, Owen, <br />Taylor, Teck, Wiens, Evans, and Tochtrop; <br />also REPRESENTATIVE(S) Penry, Berens, Butcher, Crane, Gardner, <br />Harvey, Hefley, Hoppe, Knoedler, Merrifield, Paccione, Schultheis, <br />Stafford, and Witwer. <br /> <br />CONCERNING ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR WATER PROJECTS. <br /> <br />Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado: <br /> <br />SECTION 1. 39-29-109 (I) (a), Colorado Revised Statutes, is <br />amended BY THE ADDITION OF A NEW SUBPARAGRAPH to read: <br /> <br />39-29-109. Severance tax trust fund - created - administration <br />- use of moneys - definitions - repeal. (I) (a) There is hereby created in <br />the office of the state treasurer the severance tax trust fund. The fund is to <br />be perpetual and held in trust as a replacement for depleted natural <br />resources and for the development and conservation of the state's water <br />resources pursuant to sections 37-60-106 (1) (j) and (1) (I), 37-60-119, and <br />37-60-122, C.R.S., and for the use in funding programs that promote and <br />encourage sound natural resource planning, management, and development <br />related to minerals, energy, geology, and water. State severance tax receipts <br />shall be credited to the severance tax trust fund as provided in section <br /> <br />Capita/letters indicate new material added to existing statutes; dashes through words indicate <br />deletions from existing statutes and such material not part oj act. <br />