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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br />among <br />COLORADO WATER CONSERVATION BOARD <br />and <br />COLORADO DIVISION OF WILDLIFE <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />and <br />WFIITE RIVER NATIONAL FOREST <br />UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE <br />THIS Memorandum of Understanding, made and entered into by <br />and among the Colorado Water Conservation Board, State of Colorado, <br />hereinafter referred to as the Board; the Colorado Division of <br />Wildlife, State of Colorado, hereinafter referred to as the <br />Division; and the Forest Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, <br />hereinafter referred to as the Forest Service. <br />WITNESSETH: <br />WHEREAS, the Forest Service, the Board, and the Division are <br />desirous of establishing instream flows on Hunter Creek; and <br />WHEREAS, the Forest Service is the owner of certain water <br />rights, described in the attached exhibit, allowing diversions <br />for agricultural purposes; and <br />WHEREAS, the Forest Service is desirous of entering into an <br />agreement permitting the change of said water rights to allow all <br />beneficial uses, particularly including instream flow uses, <br />necessary to preserve the natural environment to a reasonable <br />degree; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board and the Division are desirous of applying <br />said water rights for the purpose of establishing such instream <br />flows as are necessary to preserve the environment to a reasonable <br />EXHIBIT NO. 1 <br />