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T C W 21 C <br />ST <br />HE OLORADO ATER FOR THE ENTURY <br />I C C <br />NTERBASIN OMPACT OMMITTEE <br /> <br />C <br />HARTER <br /> <br />I. P <br /> <br /> REAMBLE <br /> <br />The Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act creates a voluntary, <br />collaborative process to help the state address its water challenges. <br />The process is based upon th e premise that Colorad o ans can work <br />together to address the water needs within the state. The Act sets up <br />a framework that provides a permanent forum for broad - based water <br />discussions. It creates nine Basin Roundtables and the Interbasin <br />Compact Committe e (IBCC), a statewide committee that will guide <br />discussions and voluntary negotiations between basins . <br /> <br />The IBCC is mandated to: 1) Establish bylaws to govern its actions, 2) <br />Establish and refer to the general assembly an interbasin compact <br />charter that shall govern and guide all negotiations between Basin <br />Roundtable s, 3) Submit an annual report to the legislature concerning <br />the status of compact negotiations, and 4) Develop a public education, <br />participation, and outreach working group. <br /> <br />HB 05 - 1177 sta tes that the IBCC Charter should contain a negotiating <br />framework and foundational principles to guide voluntary negotiations <br />between Basin Roundtable s, including present and future consumptive <br />and nonconsumptive water uses and such policies as may be <br />neces sary to ensure that compac ts or other agreements between <br />R oundtables do not conflict or otherwise not conform with one <br />another. <br /> <br />II. F L P <br /> <br /> OUNDATIONAL EGAL RINCIPLES <br /> <br />The following foundational legal principles are drawn from the text of <br />the legislation. <br /> <br />1. The current system of allocating water within Colorado shall not <br /> <br />be superseded, abrogated, or otherwise impaired by this article. <br /> <br />2. Nothing in HB 05 - 1177 shall be interpreted to repeal or in any <br /> <br />manner amend the existing water rights adjudication system. <br /> <br />IBCC Charter Page 1 of 10 <br />