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<br />- <br />.. . ~ ~ ~ " .... . .... -. ,.. - <br /> <br />O'cI. <br /> <br />M.. <br /> <br />ReI;; <br /> <br />Recorded at <br />. Reception No. <br /> <br />\. <br /> <br />QUIT CLAIM DEED <br /> <br />r;~ <br />THIS DEED, Made this 2/ -day of <br />between LAZY-o CATI'LE COMPANY, <br /> <br />~~ ,1987. <br />a Color~o corporation <br /> <br />, <br />" <br />:, <br />:: <br /> <br />:i <br /> <br />of the *countyof Pitkin and State of <br />Colorado, grantor(s), and COLORAOO WATER CONSERVATION BOARD, <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES, STATE OF COLORADO <br /> <br />, <br />Ii <br />, <br />I <br />, <br /> <br />whose legal address is <br />Street <br />of the Ci ty and <br /> <br />823 State Centennial Building, 1313 She <br /> <br />County of Denver <br /> <br />and State of Colorado, grantee0), <br /> <br />il <br />I, <br />I' <br />,I <br />,. <br />:' <br />" <br /> <br />WITNESSETH, That the grantor(s), for and in consideration ofN)}I1Jlj>Y land use approvals granted by <br />the County of pitkin, Colorado <br />the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, haS remised, released, sold, conveyed and QUIT CLAIMED, and by <br />these presents doeS remise, release, sell, convey and QUIT CLAIM unto the granteelj), its N,if.i. successors and assigns, <br />forever, all the right, title, interest, claim and demand which the grantor(0 has in and to the real property, together with <br />improvements~ if any, situate, lying and being in the County of Pitkin and State of <br />Colorado. described as follows: <br /> <br />0.25 c.f.s. of Highland Ditch, First Enlargement, W.O. No. 38, <br />Priority No. 363 water right originally decreed for 2.34 c.f.s. <br />in Civil Action No. 3082, Garfield County District Court on <br />August 25, 1936, with an appropriation date of June 1, 1905 <br />(1984 SEO Basin Rank 3059). No interest is hereby granted in <br />the ditch structure, easements or conveyencing facilities <br />associated with or relating to the subject water right. <br /> <br />j: <br />" <br /> <br />, ) <br /> <br />I <br />i <br />I <br />I <br />399376 <br />SILVIA DAVIS <br /> <br />j <br /> <br />,. <br />!i <br />" <br />ii <br />I. <br /> <br />., <br />j' <br /> <br />11/25/1996 11:17A PG 1 OF 1 <br />PITKIN COUNTY CLERK & RECORDER <br /> <br />REC <br />6.1210 <br /> <br />DOC <br />121.1210 <br /> <br />NOT <br /> <br />I: <br />!: <br />a1I<1tm6w,{~1 'tlti'V~M~J{~AI: : I <br />I' <br /> ~he.reservations and restrictions nescribed above <br />TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the sameJtogether Willi all and Singular the appurtenances and pnvileges ffiereunto oelongmg or m '. ' <br />anywise thereunto appertaining, and all the estate, right, title, interest and claim whatsoever, of the grantor~), either in law or equity, to ~ i <br />the only proper use, benefit and behoof of the granteeW, i ts Nj/i~ assigns forever. i I <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The grantorW haS executed this deed on the date set forth above. <br /> <br /> <br />I <br />" <br /> <br />" <br />,. <br />I' <br /> <br />I. <br />I: <br /> <br />STATE OF COLORADO. <br /> <br />l ss. <br /> <br />County of P ~ <br />i. The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this <br />!I b ~....,"'~ Al-r-. <br />, Y~-~-'~'-- ___ <br /> <br />---i'---- <br />I: <br />,I <br /> <br />;;)( <br /> <br />day of <br /> <br />~(t <br /> <br />,1987. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />My commission expires <br /> <br />1(, ~ <br /> <br />, 19 e ~. Witness my hand and official seal. <br /> <br />ii <br /> <br />:" <br /> <br />v;,,~ j~ ~'Q~~ <br /> <br />Notary ~lic <br /> <br />): <br />i <br /> <br />*If in Denver, insert "City and." <br /> <br />No. 933. Rev. 3-85. QUIT CLAIM DEED Bradford Publishing, 5825 W. 6th Ave.. Lakewood. CO 80214 - (303) 233-6900 <br /> <br />6-86 <br />