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<br /> 1 <br />Steps Toward a Sustainable Future <br /> <br />SEO FORUM <br /> <br />October 8, 2009 <br />The Ranch <br />Loveland, Colorado <br /> <br />By <br />Dick Wolfe, State Engineer <br /> <br />1) Defining sustainability <br />According to the 1987 report from the World Commission on Environment <br />and Development (Bruntland Commission), sustainability is defined as the <br />“development that meets the needs of the present without compromising <br />the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” <br />2) A strategic plan begins with a strategic vision <br />“To provide a sustainable water supply that meets municipal, industrial, <br />agricultural, environmental, and recreational needs through effective water <br />management” <br />3) Success depends on a good plan. Avoid „Tragedy of the Commons‟ type <br />approach (conflict between individual interests and the common good). <br />a) Managing a developed resource <br />i) Sustainability (to maintain productivity into the future) can be achieved <br />through effective water management that may include preservation, <br />conservation and efficiency—we must learn to live within the limits of <br />our environment <br />(1) Preservation—setting aside of natural resources to prevent damage <br />caused by contact with humans or by certain human activities— <br />“keeping the status quo” <br />(2) Conservation—reducing the usage of a resource to maintain the <br />health of the resource—“doing less with less” <br />(3) Efficiency—focus on reducing waste of a resource—“doing more <br />with less” <br />b) Strategic Steps <br />i) Need to quantify available sources and demands in each basin <br />including a complete inventory of available storage <br />ii) Need to understand affects of climate variability <br />iii) Collaboration with federal agencies to avoid federal designations for <br />Wild and Scenic and endangered species (e.g., CWCB instream flows, <br />bypass flows (A-LP), voluntary recovery programs) <br />iv) Need improved coordination between water providers and land use <br />decision makers (e.g., HB 08-1141—land use planning and approval <br />tied to sustainable water supply)