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SEO FORUM <br /> <br />OCTOBER 31, 2007 <br /> <br />Hunter Education Building <br />6060 Broadway <br />Denver, Colorado <br /> <br />8:30 A.M. -12:30 P.M. <br /> <br />Sponsored by <br />The State Engineer’s Office, the Applegate Group <br />and the Office of the Attorney General <br /> <br />8:30-8:35 General Overview and Opening Remarks <br />Bill Warmack, Applegate Group & Dick Wolfe, Assistant State Engineer <br />Bill Warmack and Dick Wolfe will introduce the purpose of this forum: to <br />review legal, practical, and administrative developments in water law and <br />water rights administration that may affect the administration and <br />appropriation of water in Colorado. <br />8:35-9:00 Republican River Compact Administration & Compliance <br />Ken Knox, Chief Deputy State Engineer & Pete Ampe, Assistant Attorney <br />General, Federal and Interstate Water Unit <br />Ken Knox and Pete Ampe will discuss how the State Engineer’s office and <br />Attorney General’s office will administer and enforce water rights to ensure <br />compliance with the Republican River Compact. <br />9:00-9:25 South Platte River Task Force Recommendations <br />Alex Davis, Assistant Director for Water, Colorado Department of Natural <br />Resources <br />Alex Davis will present the recommendations resulting from the recent <br />South Platter River Task Force meetings, and discuss how implementation <br />of these recommendations may affect the administration and appropriation <br />of water rights for wells within the South Platte River baisn. <br />9:25-9:40 SPDSS Update <br />Erin Wilson, Leonard Rice Consulting Engineers <br />Erin Wilson will discuss the development of the South Platte Decision <br />Support System - progress made to date; what's in store as we finalize <br />development; how the system of data and modeling tools help us better <br />understand water issues; and how SPDSS will help with future planning <br />efforts.