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CDSS Tools for Water Administration <br /> <br />Through a joint effort between the Division of Water Resources and the Colorado Water <br />Conservation Board a number of tools and data sets have been prepared as part of the DSS <br />development to assist with water administration. These include: <br /> <br />• CD’s of HydroBase by Division or Statewide. <br />• GIS coverages of Water Resource Data <br />• StateCU, a Consumptive Use Model. <br />• AWAS, a Stream Depletion Analysis Tool <br /> <br />The CD’s can be purchased from DWR’s records department. The other tools may be <br />accessed from the “Colorado’s Decision Support Systems” (CDSS) homepage - <br /> On the menu bar of that page there is a “Products” item and <br />beneath that “GIS” for GIS files, “Consumptive Use” for StateCU and “Other Tools” for the <br />AWAS Tool. Following is a brief summary of each product: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />CD’s of data by Division or Statewide. <br />CD’s are available that encompass most of HydroBase (only well permits are not included <br />because of a prior sales agreements). The target audience is a user(s) who needs to <br />perform large data queries and/or wants to work independently of the WWW. In addition the <br />CD provides a permanent snap shot of the database upon which a decision or analysis may <br />have been performed. <br /> <br /> <br />The cost of a CD is $100 per Division or $500 for the entire State. It is refreshed on an <br />annual basis by approximately June 1. As described previously the CD contains nearly all <br />the data DWR collects (water rights, diversions, streamflows, water levels, dams, etc.). <br />Other water resource data that is collected from other agencies include (climate from NOAA, <br />Streamflow Water Levels from the USGS, Snow Pack from the NRCS, etc. <br /> <br /> <br />In addition to HydroBase each CD contains GIS coverages and two data access tools, <br />StateView and TsTool. StateView mimics the WWW data viewing tools without size <br />limitations. TsTool provides various tools for manipulating and formatting time series data. <br />