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<br />Water Administration Interaction between the SEO, Division Offices, <br />and other Agencies <br /> <br /> <br />1. Water Court <br />a. Monthly Water Court Resume <br />• Initial review by Denver office and division office <br />• Decision whether a statement of opposition is necessary <br />• Compose summary of consultation, presumptive findings, recommend that AGO <br />file a statement of opposition <br />b. Pending cases – SEO is a party <br />• Division Engineer or designee works with engineers in the Denver office and the <br />AGO to review material (reports, proposed decrees, etc.) toward an acceptable <br />decree/settlement <br />• Or, Division Engineer or designee works with engineers in the Denver office and <br />the AGO to prepare for trial <br />• Hal Simpson makes the final decision to settle a case <br />c. The division office administers the water right to ensure compliance with the decree <br />d. The division office administers an augmentation plan to ensure no injury [37-92-305(8) <br />C.R.S.] <br />e. The Denver office will issue well permits that are subject of a decree <br />2. SWSPs <br />a. Denver office performs primary review and coordinates the evaluation and <br />communication with the applicant <br />b. Denver office will draft the denial or the approval with conditions of approval. <br />c. Division personnel, including the water commissioner, will review the SWSP to ensure <br />that field conditions will allow its operation and administration <br />d. The Denver office and division office will be in agreement before approval <br />e. The division office administers the SWSP to ensure compliance <br />f. The Denver office will evaluate well permit applications that are subject of the SWSP <br />g. Note: In Division 2, Well Depletion Replacement Plans are reviewed by division staff in <br />coordination with the Denver office <br />3. Wells <br />a. Well permitting <br />• The Denver office will do the evaluation and approval (Divisions 1 and 2)1 <br />• The Denver office will consult with the division office/water commissioner on a <br />case-by-case basis <br />b. Wells out of compliance <br />• The division office is responsible for curtailment action <br />• The division office will work with the AGO <br />4. General Administration <br />a. As complaints from the public come up, if the Denver office is contacted the Denver <br />office will work to gather information <br />b. Based on information from the Denver office and gathered by the division office, the <br />division office will perform field investigation, if necessary, and work with the Denver <br />office to take necessary action <br /> <br /> <br />(over) <br /> 1 Divisions 3 through 7 do some well permitting in their offices