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HydroBase Web Tools <br /> <br />Through a joint effort between the Division of Water Resources and the Colorado Water <br />Conservation Board a new generation of data query and reporting tools is now available <br />online. These enable users to retrieve Division of Water Resources’ water data contained <br />within HydroBase; including streamflows, lake levels, water rights, diversion records, calls, <br />etc. Additionally, tools like the CDSS Map Viewer provide users a spatial toolset to retrieve <br />and analyze information. <br /> <br />HydroBase web tools may be divided into two classes: Tabular Data Query Tools, which <br />return textual, tabular data; and Geospatial Information Mapping Tools, which use a <br />GIS interface to display and retrieve data. <br /> <br />All of the tools may be accessed from the “Colorado’s Decision Support Systems” (CDSS) <br />homepage - On the menu bar of that page there is a “View Data” <br />item and “Map Viewer” item. Under “View Data” are all of the tabular data query tools, <br />and “Map Viewer” is a link to the geospatial information mapping tools. <br /> <br />Following is a list of the tools, divided into these categories. <br />Tabular Data Query Tools <br />ADMINISTRATION: Active Calls <br />Description This tool provides a summary of the active calls currently being administered. <br /> <br />Search Criteria Division; call status (All or Active), Date Range, Water Source, and Structure. <br />Full URL <br /> <br />ADMINISTRATION: Streamflow Stations (real-time data) <br />Description Provisional stream gauge and ditch measurement data collected from a network of <br />satellite stations across the state of Colorado and the west. The tool provides a list <br />of stations for which to retrieve streamflow information, and a list of “quick links” of <br />criteria. Station information presented includes a 10-day graph of flows and the ability to view the last 3 days of real-time data. <br /> <br />Search Criteria Colorado counties, water divisions, and water districts. <br />Full URL <br /> <br />ADMINISTRATION: Water Information Sheets <br />Description This tool provides an administrative summary detailing how a water district is <br />currently being administered by the water commissioner. <br /> <br />Search Criteria Water district and date. <br /> <br />Full URL