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<br />STATEMENT OF BASIS, SPECIFIC STATUTORY AUTHORITY, <br />AND PURPOSE FOR CHANGING COMMISSION RULE 7.5 <br /> <br /> The provisions of Section 37-90-111(1)(h), C.R.S. provides the specific statutory authority for the adoption of the attached regulation. The Commission also adopted, in compliance <br /> with Section 24-4-103(4), C.R.S., the following Statement of Basis and Purpose. <br /> <br />BASIS AND PURPOSE <br /> <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />Designated Basin Rule 7.4.2 allowed an application to irrigate lands on a rotational basis to be evaluated by the Commission as a change of description of acres application. However, <br /> several local Ground Water Management Districts (GWMDs) have expressed concern that the current practice of allowing rotational irrigated acres as a change of description of irrigated <br /> acres may result in an increased usage of water over that historically used, causing material injury to vested water rights. <br /> <br />PURPOSE <br /> <br /> As a result of this local concern, the Commission has decided that rotation of irrigated acres be considered as an increase in the permitted irrigated acreage to be evaluated under <br /> Rule 7.5. Rule 7.5 requires that wells be limited to historic use and be subject to certain administration requirements to prevent material injury to other vested water rights when <br /> the additional acres are being irrigated. The intent of this rule change is to ensure that the practice of rotational irrigation does not materially injure vested water rights in the <br /> Designated Basins. <br />