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purposes of proceeding to publish; the Commission clarify that the staff has the authority to publish the applications without further Commission Ground Water Commission Meeting Page <br /> 4 May 18, 2007 direction once staff determined that they are complete for purposes of publication; and direct the Hearing Officer to initiate the hearing process once the applications <br /> have been published. Commissioner Clever moved to accept staff’s recommendation on this matter; seconded by Commissioner Jaeger and was passed unanimously. Staff Report by Keith Vander <br /> Horst - Mr. Vander Horst presented the Staff Activity Report for the last quarter, the written report of which was included in the Commissioners’ packets. He reported on the small <br /> capacity and large capacity well permit applications, change applications, final permitting activities, objections/hearings, and enforcement actions. Under miscellaneous items, Mr. <br /> Vander Horst reported that staff continues to work on enforcement of meter requirements within the Republican River basin, working with the RRWCD on their water conservation programs, <br /> and drafting guidelines dealing with evaluation of replacement plans. Report of the Attorney General by Devin Odell – Mr. Odell stated that the report that provides a summary of the <br /> matters that the Attorney General’s Office was involved in is included in the packets. He reported that in regard to Paint Brush Hills Metro District, staff has contacted counsel for <br /> the applicant to get an update on the status of those applications; and in regard to the Cherokee Metropolitan District case, the staff received the applications and are reviewing them <br /> diligently. In addition, he stated that there are two new cases that came in; two applications were received for replacement plans in Kiowa Bijou Designated Ground Water Basin, and <br /> the other case is an application for determination of water right in the Lost Creek Designated Ground Water Basin and the Lost Creek Ground Water Management District objected to it <br /> that the application might harm rights in the district. Management District and Conservation District Reports - Chairman Smith called for the Management District reports. Mr. Nate <br /> Midcap, new manager from the Frenchman, Sandhills, Marks Butte and Central Yuma Ground Water Management Districts, first provided some background about himself. He stated that they <br /> have had an increase in rainfall through the districts and corn planting is going on in most of the districts. The number one issue in his districts is the Republican River Compact <br /> compliance. Mr. Jack Dowell, from the W-Y Ground Water Management District, reported that things are looking good; some wheat fields are getting dry in some areas; a lot of farmers <br /> had to replant sugar beets; and corn should all be in. He reported on the well measurements that he performed and started that there may be a turn-around. The Cargill Feedlot enforcement <br /> has been resolved. There was no report from the Arikaree Ground Water Management District. Ms. Deb Daniel, manager from the Plains and East Cheyenne Management Districts reported <br /> that they have had some sub-moisture but could use more rainfall. The winds they have been experiencing is showing stress in the wheat. She reported on the well measurement projects <br /> in both districts. The Plains District will be enforcing a new penalty regarding overage of appropriation and any well pumping over its allotment will be penalized on a one-to-one <br /> basis and it goes into effect in 2008. She stated that the Plains District is very concerned about the Republican River Compact compliance. They have completed the initial meter administration <br /> on expanded acres. Ground Water Commission Meeting Page 5 May 18, 2007 Mr. Max Smith reported for the Southern High Plains Ground Water Management District and stated that their situation <br /> is similar to what Jack Dowell reported. The majority of corn is in the ground; wheat has spots due to the shallow root system; and they completed well level measurements. Commissioner <br /> Loose reported for the North Kiowa-Bijou Ground Water Management District and stated that they had one enforcement action. Regarding expanded boundaries within basin, they did own <br /> preliminary engineering work, and there is sandstone ridge that separates their basin from the proposed boundaries and believes that they will not be included. There were no reports <br /> from the Upper Black Squirrel Creek Ground Water Management District, the Upper Big Sandy Ground Water Management District, or from the Lost Creek Ground Water Management District. <br /> Mr. Stan Murphy, from the Republican River Water Conservation District, reported that they are continuing to process EQIP and CREP applications. The FSA office sent out notification <br /> that they are giving their producers 30 days to act on the 2006 CREP applications to close them out. The CREP program for 2007-08 would be for wells only within four miles of the North <br /> Fork and the South Fork in the Arikaree. They are working with Katie Radke of the State Engineer’s Office to help the District put out RFPs to engineering firms for proposals for an <br /> initial study for installation of an augmentation pipeline. He reported that the executive committee board members took a trip to Washington D.C. in April to meet with Legislators <br /> and the USDA NRCS office to get additional financial support and number of acres for the EQIP and CREP programs and the need for a possible augmentation pipeline. He also reported <br /> that they need to increase the rental rate for the programs due to the high cost of corn. Old Business – None New Business – • Mr. Simpson reported that the Department is having <br /> a Budget and Legislation Planning Retreat later during the month and they were asked to come forward with ideas for new legislation. One suggestion would be to have John Stulp, Commissioner <br /> for Agriculture, be an Ex-Officio, non-voting member of the Commission. The other would be regarding the language in 37-90-106 which states that the Commission can amend basin boundaries <br /> based upon new information; this language is creating concern to the members of the Designated Basins and asked the Commission to support consideration to amending the language to allow <br /> basins to be expanded but not undesignated it or de-designate it. Mr. Simpson offered to place these two topics on the agenda with the Department. • Commissioner Bledsoe wanted to <br /> disclose that he was contacted to meet with surface water users on the North Fork of the Republican River including the Laird/Pioneer Ditch to discuss purchasing or leasing surface <br /> water rights to the RRWCD for compact compliance. He stated that he sees no conflict with his duties as a member of the Commission in meeting with the surface water users for this <br /> purpose. Ground Water Commission Meeting Page 6 May 18, 2007 • Chairman Smith introduced Mary Lou Smith, facilitator of the Arkansas Roundtable. She invited the Commission members <br /> and audience to an interactive water conference regarding aquifer storage and recharge. The forum organizers are the American Ground Water Trust and the Arkansas Basin Roundtable. <br /> • Chairman Smith presented Mr. Simpson with a plaque from the Ground Water Commission and read a Resolution for Mr. Simpson. Commissioner Mikita moved to accept the Resolution; <br /> it was seconded by Commissioner Clever, and approved unanimously. • Selection of August meeting location – Marta Ahrens suggested holding the meeting at the Sheraton in Colorado Springs <br /> with dinner at the Flying W Ranch on Thursday night. Mr. Simpson suggested either touring the Upper Black Squirrel Creek Ground Water Management Basin or contacting the Colorado Springs <br /> Utilities for a possible tour. Next Meeting – August 16-17, 2007, at the Sheraton Hotel in Colorado Springs. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m. Respectfully submitted, <br /> Marta Ahrens Secretary to the Ground Water Commission <br />PacketMemoAug07.doc <br /> <br /> STATE OF COLORADO <br />GROUND WATER COMMISSION <br />Division of Water Resources <br />Department of Natural Resources <br /> <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 818 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />Phone (303) 866-3581 <br />FAX (303) 866-3589 <br /> Bill Ritter, Jr. <br /> Governor <br /> <br /> Harris D. Sherman <br /> Executive Director, DNR <br /> <br /> Vacant <br /> Executive Director <br />