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TATE OF COLORAD( <br />`4,RD OF EXAMINERS OF WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION AND PUMP INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS <br />'on of Water Resources <br />— 3 Sherman Street, Room 818 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Phone (303) 866-3581 <br />FAX (303) 866-3589 <br /> <br />BOARD POLICY NO. 2002-1 <br />erns <br />Bill Owens <br />Governor <br />Greg E. Watcher <br />Executive Director, DNR <br />Hal D. Simpson, P.E. <br />Secretary <br />PROBLEM: <br />With the recent and ongoing drought conditions experienced throughout the state, many shallow and <br />older wells have substantially diminished in production. In some cases, deepening or replacing such a <br />well is not practical or economically feasible and the well owner has chosen to have a cistern installed <br />to increase the capacity for storing water from the well. Generally, the cistern may also be filled by <br />hauling water from a municipal supply, thereby supplementing the water supply from the well. To <br />convey the water from the cistern to the distribution system of the residence, it is generally necessary <br />to install a pump into the cistern. The Board has been asked if such an installation of pumping <br />equipment requires a license from the Board. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The Board asked that the license provisions of section 37-91-105 and related definitions be reviewed <br />by legal counsel from the Attorney General's office to determine if the licensing provisions are <br />applicable to the installation of pumps in cisterns. After review of the relevant statutes, legal counsel <br />expressed the opinion that the apparent intent of the statutes is to require licensure for the installation <br />of pumping equipment that directly encounters and withdraws ground water that is to be contained in a <br />closed system up to the point of discharge or distribution, and that the Board need not exert authority <br />over the installation of pumps beyond the point of discharge from the closed system. Therefore, it is <br />the Board's determination that a license need not be obtained from the Board for the installation of <br />pumping equipment in a cistern or other vessel for the conveyance or distribution of water when such <br />installation occurs outside the well at or beyond the point of initial discharge of water from the well. <br />POLICY: <br />It is the policy of the Board that persons installing pumps in cisterns or other vessels for the purpose of <br />conveying or distributing water may conduct such installations without obtaining a license from the <br />Board under the following conditions: <br />1. Such pump installation shall only occur at or beyond the point of initial discharge of water from <br />the well; <br />2. All such installations shall be accompanied by proper disinfection; <br />TIMOTHY L. DECKER, Montrose; H. RAY NEWMYER, Mo=; GLENN CLEMENT, Greeley <br />