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I <br />COLORADO <br />•o Division of Water Resources <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />TEXAS CREEK - WATER DISTRICT 13 <br />APRIL 12, 2018 <br />KEY <br />GAGING STATION <br />WELL <br />Q <br />CITY <br />INFILTRATION <br />GALLERY <br />WATER WORKS <br />O <br />WASTEWATER <br />TREATMENT <br />RIVER <br />PIPELINE <br />------ <br />DIVERSION <br />DIVERSION <br />TRANSFERRED <br />DIVERSION <br />ALTERNATE PT <br />DIVERSION <br />ABANDONED <br />ALTERNATE PT <br />ABANDONED <br />RESERVOIR <br />RESERVOIR <br />ABANDONED <br />U REEK 1-12 <br />obo, ten oAFc oe CFS Apo SPRUCE -RK RES <br />ID -7 SPRUCE CREEK RESERVOIR <br />y. 0401-1 ,o,TT, I Da CFS, TF JAKE 45Ells tot'/ / <br />D,OO BT] O HOIJUEDITCHNOI <br />O <br />OI <br />a, ORI n, <br />C TY TO AC <br />13000 N C10A DITCH <br />ID30 5 AC <br />.1:0:21 4C PRIORlTy <br />?qO 0541 , 9 O , o CFS PRIORITY 51 10 AC <br />Do—=N.�TMCFE: PRIORITY 69 5 AC <br />U(�iU CFS:,,8O AC <br />H, I <br />aZa <br />O-1-4,O,].O s, PRIORITY ,BAMEAC <br />rLLOLL� <br />=0'8' c ID 1002 KICK& KINTDITCH <br />yo�0'o eJ wsAMEzao Ac <br />Sog <br />I Ila <br />e <br />33310 o <br />8hh« <br />oogg m -m -lase, o, Btu Cps,Ae 9,cvmu <br />25- <br />05 <br />aszs-188];oAS, 105 C,PRIORITY AC <br />CFS, —8] <br />ID 111 'PRICE IRCIE D -H <br />12 <br />OaO,-188, Tf,OU CPB, TF—ERN ADDR]AC <br />ID -0 "DDLE DITCH <br />LLO-DITCH <br />0]411 ,O, I ACF S, PRIORITY 64: 10 AC O BRICKS( <br />01D 12� SHARP & ss°j SBA <br />HERICKSON DITCH HErvoRICK MORE a <br />��' 00 <br />—1873, nPAB, as CFS; AB Sows ez-FOsiER 0 <br />o <br />CFSAS 9l <br />, cwmaz °0 4 S' <br />° S 9 <br />3 <br />-ID N8 COFFIN DITCH <br />PRIORITY 84: 0- AC <br />FBSRIORITY 8T: SAME AC U,p3 9 <br />[ROPROTI,OT; SAME AC �° ? <br />15190 <br />IDI007EU-BETH ITCH <br />0646,890 091—CFS: PRIORITY 113;113 AC <br />111 IIS H—DE DITCH <br />RI1091AoTY 12C <br />-0 1890, 0, 0315 CFS, PRIORITY mB 12 AC <br />IDI <br />Oa]o ,888, o, I &sECFS PRIORITYw; as AC <br />ID 00 MARCH DITCH <br />_oI_I8S4;S; jo CIPS; PRIORITY 11% 11 AC <br />ZT-.—ND—N.3 <br />ASBA— DITCHNO5 <br />Ob]0188 ,0, O.51 ,PRIORI ST, SAME eT AC <br />ID N5 HOULE DITCH NO 3 <br />$10101031-187o; CAR: 10525 CFS; PRIORITY 2: APOD SCHUELER NO I <br />oM1M1M1 ,3],189,O,AP,,.ST88CFS,PRIORITYSL,APODBCHUELRNO, <br />_31_1 a CAR 1 0525 CFS: PRIORITY 2: APOD SCHUELER NO 1 <br />12-31-1876, o <br />,14„2]9, o, p,,sT88 CFS, Sa; AID SCHUEUER Not <br />CAP 1 1121 CFE, PRIORITY , 010 CFE, PRIORITY a A 1 <br />POD SCHUE�ER NO 1 <br />o <br />NA ERDISTRICT 13BOUNDARY ARKANSASFMER <br />11 <br />pro, TEXAB CREEK � J� , <br />F <br />s a <br />DCFB,PRIORITYn,],A. <br />�d <br />0 <br />4 <br />K� <br />ID N3 LOCKHART DITCH NO I o <br />Deo„BT 0;1, a CFS, PRIORITY 12; 25 Ac I 8 Q <br />01—IDESTATION <br />M <br />