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Rule 3. Scope and Purpose of the Rules <br /> 3.1 Scope <br /> These Rules apply to all surface water diversions, groundwater diversions, and the storage, <br /> release, and delivery of surface water and groundwater located within Water Division 6, as <br /> defined in section 37-92-201(1)(f), C.R.S., with the following exceptions: <br /> 3.1.1 Peuiutted or unregistered wells that operate pursuant to the provisions of section <br /> 37-92-602(1), C.R.S.; <br /> 3.1.2 Ponds used for the limited purposes of livestock watering, wildlife watering, fire <br /> protection, or any combination thereof that do not intercept groundwater and are <br /> not filled by a Diversion from a natural stream; <br /> 3.1.3 Head stabilization ponds that are part of the conveyance and application of water <br /> and do not Divert water independently of the Diversion under the Water Right, <br /> and do not store water for more than 72 hours; <br /> 3.1.4 Surface water Diversions, including springs, that are Diverted at less than 15 <br /> gallons per minute and are used for the limited purposes of domestic use in no <br /> more than three single-family dwellings, fire protection, watering of domestic <br /> animals, the irrigation of not over one acre of home gardens and lawns, livestock <br /> watering on fauns and ranches, wildlife watering, or any combination thereof; <br /> 3.1.5 Erosion control dams, as described in section 37-87-122, C.R.S.; and <br /> 3.1.6 A Diversion Structure that is declared to be an Inactive Diversion Structure in <br /> accordance with Rule 9. <br /> 3.2 Purpose <br /> The purpose of these Rules is to establish consistent and reliable standards to assist the State <br /> Engineer and Division Engineer in the administration, distribution, and regulation of water in <br /> Water Division 6. These Rules shall be liberally construed to carry out the purposes described in <br /> this Rule 3.2. <br /> 2 <br />