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oCOLORADO <br /> Division of Water Resources <br /> Department of Natural Resources <br /> Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction <br /> and Pump Installation Contractors <br /> October 29, 2021 <br /> Policy 2021-3 <br /> CONTINUING EDUCATION OBTAINED BY INTERNET OR ONLINE PARTICIPATION FOR <br /> 2022 <br /> Background <br /> The Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors ("Board") <br /> was created under section 37-91-103, C.R.S., and is tasked with examining for, denying, <br /> approving, revoking, suspending, and renewing the licenses of well construction and pump <br /> installation contractors as provided in article 91, title 37, C.R.S. In particular, licensed <br /> contractors are required under section 37-91-105(7), C.R.S., to complete eight hours of continuing <br /> education training annually as approved by the Board to maintain or renew their licenses, and the <br /> Board is required to develop a continuing education program under section 37-91-107(6), C.R.S. <br /> Rule 8.1 of the Board's Rules and Regulations for Administration of Licensing, Financial <br /> Responsibility, Continuing Education and Remedial Action for Well Construction and Pump <br /> Installation Contractors, 2 CCR 402-14 ("Administration Rules"), restates the statutory <br /> requirement that every licensed contractor must complete eight (8) hours of continuing education <br /> ("CE") each year. Rule 8.1.b historically stated that no more than four (4) out of the eight (8) <br /> hours of approved CE can be obtained by internet or online participation. <br /> The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing restrictions made it unsafe and impractical <br /> for licensed contractors to attend CE classes in-person, and for the foreseeable future, CE classes <br /> are generally limited to those that can be taken online or by internet participation. The Board <br /> initially adopted, on a temporary emergency basis, rule amendments to allow licensed contractors <br /> to obtain all required hours of continuing education by internet or online participation. <br /> Rule 8.1.b was amended (effective January 1, 2021) to authorize the Board, in conjunction with <br /> the CE Committee', to determine through Board policy the required hours of approved CE that can <br /> be obtained by online or internet participation. Allowing the Board to make this determination <br /> through policy will give the Board flexibility in the future to assess whether in-person attendance <br /> has once again become feasible, and subsequently the total number of hours to allow by internet <br /> or online participation for that year. <br /> ' Continuing Education (CE) Committee means a group formed for the purpose of evaluation of <br /> continuing education courses and appropriate hours accredited for each course and professional <br /> activity. The CE Committee will consist of a designee from the Colorado Water Well Contractors <br /> Association ("CWWCA"), a member of the Board, and a member of Board Staff. The CE Committee <br /> must make decisions by consensus. (Rule 4.2.7, 2 CCR 402-14) <br /> OF COO <br /> �0-- <br /> 1313 Sherman Street, Room 821, Denver, CO 80203 P 303.866.3581 https://dwr.colorado.aov "e <br /> Keith Branstetter I Christopher J. Sanchez, P.G. I Bruce Hier I Robert Hillegas, CDPHE I Mike Sullivan, P.E. I . o <br />