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Page 2 of 44 <br />Purpose <br />These Reservoir Operating Guidelines are a basic practical guide for the staff of <br />the Division of Water Resources ("DWR"), including division engineers, water <br />commissioners and others charged with administering the state's many reservoirs. <br />They reflect the "institutional knowledge" of DWR personnel and the general practice <br />across the state, summarizing DWR's understanding of the statutes, court cases, and <br />administrative rules, policies, and practices related to the storage of water. These <br />Guidelines are intended to provide present and future staff with an understanding of the <br />basic concepts, giving them a common starting point for the many difficult decisions that <br />they must make on a daily basis. We also hope that these Guidelines will be useful to <br />reservoir operators, engineers, attorneys, policy makers and anyone else who seeks a <br />better understanding of general reservoir operations in the State of Colorado. <br />These Guidelines should not be relied upon for administrative or legal authority, <br />and they are not intended to be or to function as rules or regulations governing the <br />storage of water. Although these guidelines present fundamental examples of reservoir <br />operations, they do not, and could not, cover all of the historic exceptions that exist for <br />specific reservoirs. Given the significant variation in the decrees granting storage rights, <br />in the physical setting and hydrology of the various reservoirs, and in historical <br />administrative practices, nothing in this document should be construed as definitive with <br />regard to any particular reservoir or storage right. Moreover, DWR does not intend for <br />these Guidelines to change the vested rights of any water user. As changes in the law, <br />altered circumstances, and unforeseen situations arise, DWR will periodically update <br />these Guidelines so that they remain as accurate as possible. <br />