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CODE OF COLORADO REGULATIONS 2 CCR 402-16 <br /> Division of Water Resources <br /> 2. "Calibration Factor" is a ratio representing the flow as measured by a test meter <br /> compared to the flow as measured by an installed TFM. A calibration factor must be <br /> verified and submitted to the Division Engineer by a Qualified Well Tester in accordance <br /> with these Rules. <br /> 3. "Complex System" means any system where the total dynamic head at the pump will vary <br /> due to multiple discharge locations in a pipeline, or where the method of delivery will vary <br /> between open discharge, gated pipe, or sprinkler system during a single irrigation <br /> season, or where multiple Wells discharge into a common pipeline. <br /> 4. "Compound System" means a system where the power meter records electrical usage <br /> from any electrical device other than the pumping systems from a single well and its <br /> attached sprinklers. <br /> 5. "Division Engineer" means the Division Engineer, or designated personnel for the <br /> Colorado Division of Water Resources, Water Division No. 1. <br /> 6. "Inactive Well" means any Well that is not in use and is disconnected from a power <br /> source or the pump or motor has been removed. <br /> 7. "Interim Water Measurement Program" means a temporary method of measuring the flow <br /> of water diverted by a Well that has been approved by the Division Engineer for use as a <br /> backup measurement method in case the primary Method of Measurement fails. <br /> 8. "Notification", "Notice", or"Notify"to the Division Engineer means submission to the <br /> Division Engineer by mail, facsimile, or email of a written message , or, where specifically <br /> required by these Rules, of a completed form or other format prescribed by the State <br /> Engineer. <br /> 9. "Person" means an individual, a partnership, an association, a corporation, a municipality, <br /> the State of Colorado, the United States, or any other legal entity, public or private. <br /> 10. "Power Conversion Coefficient" or"PCC" means the amount of electrical energy <br /> expressed as kilowatt hours (KWH) consumed in pumping one acre-foot of ground water <br /> from a Well. <br /> 11. "PCC Test" means the process prescribed by the State Engineer requiring a Qualified <br /> Well Tester to determine in the field, and submit in a format prescribed by the State <br /> Engineer, the PCC to the Division Engineer. <br /> 12. "Qualified Well Tester" means a person who is currently certified by the State Engineer <br /> as qualified to determine the accuracy of a TFM and perform a PCC test on a Well. <br /> 13. "Republican River Compact" means the agreement between Colorado, Kansas, and <br /> Nebraska with respect to the waters of the Republican River Basin,C.R.S.§37-67-101 et <br /> seq.; Final Settlement Stipulation, Kansas v. Nebraska and Colorado, No. 126 Original <br /> (Dec. 15, 2002). <br /> 14. "Rules" means the Rules and Regulations Governing the Measurement of Ground Water <br /> Diversions Affecting the Republican River Compact within Water Division No. 1. The <br /> short title for these Rules is "Republican River Measurement Rules," and they may be <br /> referred to herein collectively as the "Rules" or individually as a "Rule." <br /> 2 <br />