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for the storage of usable water below Elephant Butte and above the first diversion to lands of the Rio Grande <br />project, but not more than a total of 2,638,860 acre-feet. <br />(1) "Usable water" is all water, exclusive of credit water, which is in project storage and which is available for <br />release in accordance with irrigation demands, including deliveries to Mexico. <br />(m) "Credit water" is that amount of water in project storage which is equal to the accrued credit of Colorado, or <br />New Mexico, or both. <br />(n) "Unfilled capacity" is the difference between the total physical capacity of project storage and the amount of <br />usable water then in storage. <br />(o) "Actual release" is the amount of usable water released in any calendar year from the lowest reservoir <br />comprising project storage. <br />(p) "Actual spill' is all water which is actually spilled from Elephant Butte reservoir, or is released therefrom for <br />flood control, in excess of the current demand on project storage and which does not become usable water by storage in <br />another reservoir; provided, that actual spill of usable water cannot occur until all credit water shall have been spilled. <br />(q) "Hypothetical spill' is the time in any year at which usable water would have spilled from project storage if <br />790,000 acre-feet had been released therefrom at rates proportional to the actual release in every year from the starting <br />date to the end of the year in which hypothetical spill occurs, in computing hypothetical spill the initial condition shall <br />be the amount of usable water in project storage at the beginning of the calendar year following the effective date of <br />this compact, and thereafter the initial condition shall be the amount of usable water in project storage at the beginning <br />of the calendar year following each actual spill. <br />Article II <br />The commission shall cause to be maintained and operated a stream gauging station equipped with an automatic <br />water stage recorder at each of the following points, to -wit: <br />(a) On the Rio Grande near Del Norte above the principal points of diversion to the San Luis valley; <br />(b) On the Conejos river near Mogote; <br />(c) On the Los Pinos river near Ortiz; <br />(d) On the San Antonio river at Ortiz; <br />(e) On the Conejos river at its mouths near Los Sauces; <br />(f) On the Rio Grande near Lobatos; <br />(g) On the Rio Chama below El Vado reservoir; <br />(h) On the Rio Grande at Otowi bridge near San Ildefonso; <br />(i) On the Rio Grande near San Acacia; <br />0) On the Rio Grande at San Marcial; <br />(k) On the Rio Grande below Elephant Butte reservoir; <br />(1) On the Rio Grande below Caballo reservoir. <br />