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DEPARTMENT OF <br />NATURAL RESOURCES <br />DIVISION OF WATER RESOURCES <br />THE DENVER BASIN RULES <br />2 CCR 402-6 <br />EDITORS NOTES <br />Rulemaking Authority for this Rule is cited in the Attorney General <br />Opinions listed below. Those opinions may be found in the Code of <br />Colorado Regulations, Attorney General Opinions Volume. <br />History and Amendments: <br />Pp. 1-37 adopted 11/25/85, effective 12/30/85, 8 CR 12. <br />A. G. Opinions: <br />8 AG 297 <br />Annotations: <br />n. Tide Peg. don nn wmtlmte N ��al Put of any <br />eourcn teemed reliableab umlelyforirfe .imd udh <br />by Ne Publisher fmm <br />Hovenu.m ccp. <br />U3 <br />w <br />Q <br />0 <br />U) <br />w <br />w <br />F <br />Q <br />3 <br />LL <br />0 <br />z <br />0 <br />e <br />