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waters of Pot Creek in conformance with applicable State laws and shall distribute <br />the waters of Pot Creek under the Doctrine of Prior Appropriation. <br />3. Interstate River Compact -The Revised Pot Creek Memorandum of <br />Understanding and Agreement, and all actions appurtenant thereto, are subject to <br />the provisions and limitations contained in the Colorado River Compact, 42 Stat. <br />171 (1922) and the Upper Colorado River Compact, 63 Stat. 31 (1948). <br />4. Administrative Authority -The State Engineer of Utah and the State Engineer of <br />Colorado are vested with exclusive authority to administer the terms of this <br />Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement and all other ancillary documents <br />necessary to equitably apportion the waters of Pot Creek. The State Engineer of <br />Utah and the State Engineer of Colorado shall make and enforce such regulations <br />within their respective States with respect to the delivery of interstate waters in <br />Pot Creek to enable compliance with this commitment. In those cases where the <br />Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement or other applicable documents <br />are deficient in establishing standards for the administration of Pot Creek within <br />Utah to meet the terms for delivery, the State Engineer of Utah shall take such <br />actions as will be legal to regulate the distribution of water among the <br />appropriators in Utah, including curtailment, to meet the lawful obligations under <br />this Memorandum. <br />5. Physical Description - -The headwaters of Pot Creek rise in the high Uinta <br />Mountains at an elevation of approximately 8,520 feet above mean sea level. The <br />main stem of Pot Creek flows approximately five miles in the eastern portions of <br />Daggett and Uintah Counties in Utah from its headwaters to the inlet of Matt <br />2 <br />