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-,NV RID <br />1(4 Anthony R. Adkins, P. Geol. LLC JAN 2 i 2010 <br />Minerals Geologist Diwei:jri cr ,lec!amafion, <br />' `' 29900 DD s 1 Rd • P.O. Box 864 <br />Qllui • Nucla, CO USA 81424 <br />970.864.7205 1-1, 970.497.0487 C <br />11 Jan 2010 <br />Mr. Bob Oswald <br />FORM 2 - PUBLIC <br />RFcF?VFD <br />Environmental Protection Specialist <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />'Colorado Department of Natural Resources <br />Durango Field Office <br />691 CR 233, Suite A-2 <br />Durango CO 81301 <br />"ran <br />/S 90 ?? VI/ <br />M;g aR?ec%atce <br />Safe on, <br />RE: Proposed Modifications to the Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting P2009-033 <br />Dear Mr. Oswald, <br />The Colorado Plateau Partners LLC (CPPL), to whom I consult, proposes to modify the Notice of Intent to <br />Conduct Prospecting (NOI) P2009-033. CPPL wishes to deepen three of the existing four holes from a <br />current total depth of about 250 ft to about 375 feet and drill a fifth hole to a depth of about 375 feet. The <br />three holes are to be deepened are PDH's A, B, and C of the original CPPL application. The fifth proposed <br />hole (PDH-E) is located about 130 ft southwest of PDH-D. Access to PDH-E will be by existing access <br />roads. If site PDH-E is not readily accessible, then a alternative site, PDH-Alt-E, is proposed located about <br />130 ft south of PDH-D. So that there will be no confusion, regardless of which proposed site is selected, <br />only one new hole will be drilled. As the new site characteristics are very similar to the currently permitted <br />holes, no new surface disturbance is proposed. Figure 1 shows the location of the proposed new hole <br />location and its' alternative. <br />The drilling, hole abandonment and surface reclamation methods will be the same as described in the <br />original NOI. CPPL will post a supplementary bond as required to cover any additional reclamation <br />obligations. <br />Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. <br />Sincerely, <br />10;?(ik - <br />Tony Adkins <br />Geologist