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7 <br />� <br />WESTERN MINING ACTION PROJECT <br />Roger Flvnn, Esq., <br />Je%/i•ey C. Parsons, Esq. <br />P.O. Box 349 <br />440 Main Street. Suite 2 <br />Lyons, CO 80540 <br />(303) 823 -5738 <br />Fax(303)823 -5732 <br />wraap cr.iLr.e: <br />via email, hardcopy to follow <br />November 25, 2009 <br />Allen Sorenson, Reclamation Specialist <br />Div. of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />NOW'VON IDEN riAL <br />RE: " Powertech (USA) Inc. Request for Modification to Notice of Intent (NOI) File <br />No. P -2008 -043 r/ <br />M R <br />Dear Mr. Sorenson: <br />This letter is subn ted on behalf of Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction (CARD), <br />Environment Colorado, Clean Water Action, and Information Network for Responsible mmg <br />(INFORM) and pertains to the Division's ongoing consideration of Powertech (USA) Ine.'s <br />( "Powertech ") Request for Modification to Notice of Intent (NOI) File No. P- 2008 -043 submitted in <br />September, 2009, and the additional information submitted on or about October 28, 2009, for the <br />Centennial Mine proposal in Weld County. Commenters submitted an earlier letter on September 29, <br />2009, and attach this letter and herebv incorporate herein the issues raised in that letter, as it appears <br />that despite the submittal of additional information, Powertech has not sufficiently addressed those <br />issues. In addition, the new information submitted by Powertech appears incomplete, primarily in <br />that fails to include critical data necessary to substantiate the assumptions and assertions contained <br />therein. <br />In its October 28, 2009 submittal, Powertech purports to respond to substantial issues raised <br />by the Division in a September 25, 2009 letter from the Division to Powertech. It appears that this <br />recent Powertech submittal relies heavily on data and analysis submitted to the Division in the <br />context of Powertech Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting File No. P- 2007 -015. However, <br />despite relying extensively on data purported to have been submitted in the context of NOI File No. <br />P- 2007 -015, it appears that Powertech has not saw fit to waive its confidentiality with respect to that <br />file. Thus, it appears that information critical to assessing Powertech's application to conduct aquifer <br />pump tests in the context of the publicly available NOI File No. P- 2008 -043 is improperly <br />unavailable to public review. <br />For instance, according to Powertech's October 28, 2009 submission, in response to Division <br />requests for more information concerning the pumping wells and monitoring wells, Powertech asserts <br />