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STATE OF COLORADO <br />?i DIVISION OF RECLAMATION, MINING AND SAFETY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />Phone: (303) 866-3567 <br />FAX: (303) 832-8106 <br />POOK CONFIL'NTiAL <br />?e,:?7 ? <br />rw ?7 <br />COLORADO <br />D I V IS I ON OF <br />RECLAMATION <br />MINING <br />SAFETY <br />Bill Ritter, Jr. <br />Governor <br />Harris D. Sherman <br />Executive Director <br />Ronald W. Cattany <br />`??? Division Director <br />MEMO O FILE Natural Resource Trustee <br />Date: November 3, 2009 ? <br />Specialist: Allen Sorenson Signed: <br /> <br />Subject/Operator/Operation/File No. <br />Powertech (I1SA) Inc.. Centennial U <br />ruments`Transferred to Public File. <br />Type of Interaction: Meeting Phone Other <br />Person(s) contacted and affiliation: Richard Blubaugh and Michael Beshore, Powertech (USA) Inc. <br />Summary and Resolution of Interaction: <br />Response item no. 8 in Powertech's submittal dated October 28, 2009 refers to certain documents <br />contained in confidential Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting P-2007-015. Since reference to these <br />documents under the non-confidential process for Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting P-2008-043, <br />modification MD-03, makes these documents non-confidential, the DRMS contacted Powertech to <br />verify exactly which documents are to be made public. Powertech personnel verified that Colorado <br />State Engineer Well Construction and Test Reports for those wells in section 33 that will be monitored <br />during the proposed pumping test outlined in P-2008-043 MD-03 are the documents to be made non <br />confidential. Those wells are IS-3T, IS-3Ta, IS-3Tb, IS-3Tc, and IS-3Td. The Colorado State Engineer <br />Well Construction and Test Reports for those wells are enclosed with this memo. <br />enclosure(s) <br />c:\acs files\My Documents 4-19-06 thru\centennial conf to public docs mtfdoc <br />Office of Office of <br />Mined Land Reclamation Denver • Grand Junction • Durango Active and Inactive Mines