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Lynx-Royal JV LLC C??7? <br />2030 FOOTHILLS ROAD <br />GOLDEN, CO 80401 <br />Phone: (303) 955-5820 <br />Fax: (303) 993-4505 <br />Michael G. Leidich, P.E. <br /> <br />October 22, 2009 <br />Grand Junction Field Office OCT 3 0 2009 R C <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety Div "R of Reoiamat;m, <br />rd Mining and 8aW O C T 2 6 200 <br />101 South 3 , Ste. 301 <br />GRANb i(JING i UA FIELD OFFICE <br />Grand Junction, CO 81501 OIViGION OF <br />RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />Re: Request for Release of Funds for Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting Operations (NOI) for <br />Project WM-08-LJ-2 (P-2008-055) 5 j. - o 1 <br />To Whom It May Concern: <br />Attached is the consolidated Mineral Prospecting Drill Hole Permanent Abandonment Final <br />Report. Included with that report are the following: <br />1. Attachment 1 describing the drill holes. <br />2. Attachment 2 describing the procedures used to backfill the drill holes and reclaim the <br />sites. Note that additional reclamation activities were completed in the last few weeks to <br />improve several of the sites. <br />3. A copy of the seed mixture used. Although all sites were seeded, there was very little <br />resulting vegetation. There is little or no topsoil in this and surrounding area and <br />vegetation is very sparse. <br />4. A map showing the location of the sites. <br />5. Photos of each of the sites. <br />The total Financial Warranty for this NOI was $6,200. <br />If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 303-241-4994. If you would like, I <br />will be happy to meet you for a tour of these sites. <br />Sincerely, <br />C <br />Michael G. Leidich. P.E. <br />Vice President of Mining and Engineering <br /> <br />Enclosures (6) <br />Cc: BLM - Uncompahgre Field Office