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x-31 e1'l <br />RECEIVED <br />OCT- 2 2 2009 <br />GRAND JUNC710pd -icLD OFFICE <br />DIVISION OF <br />ENERGY FUELS RESOURCES RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />CORPORATION <br />20 Oct 2009 <br />Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety OCT 2 0009 <br />Grand Junction Field Office Dfviaian of FZec*natiop, <br />Mr. Russ Means Mhft and Safety <br />101 S. 3rd St. <br />Grand Junction CO 81501 <br />Q- ?,) U 16- OS 1) ,M/J - C) I <br />Mr. Russ Means: <br />Enclosed is the evidence that the Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Field <br />Office has received a copy of the Tenderfoot Mesa 2009 NOI. <br />If you need any further information please feel free to call me at 970-864-7775. <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />Brent Kramer <br />Geologist <br />Energy Fuels Resources Corporation <br />BOX 888 <br />Nucla CO 81424