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<br />WESTERN MINING ACTION PROJECT <br />X <br />M,04e_2, <br />Roger Flynn, Esq., <br />Jeffrey C. Parsons, Esq. <br />P.O. Box- 349 <br />440 Main Street, Suite 2 <br />Lyons, CO 80540 <br />(303) 823-5738 <br />Fax(303)823-5732 <br />-tymap itji? <br />via email, hardcopy to follow <br />September 29, 2009 <br />WOK CONFIOV ,p- dw? <br />I'/ <br />Allen Sorenson, Senior Environmental Protection Specialist <br />David Berry, Minerals Supervisor <br />Colorado Div. of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />`SEP 3 0 2009 <br />Division of Rsdamation, <br />Mining and Safety <br />RE: ?owertech (USA) Inc. Request for Modification to Notice of Intent (NOI) File No. <br />P-2008-043 <br />Dear Messrs. Sorenson and Berry: <br />This letter is submitted on behalf of Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction (CARD) <br />Environment Colorado, Clean Water Action, and Information Network for Responsible <br />Mining (INFORM)°and pertains to the Division's consideration of Powertech (USA) Inc.'s <br />Request for Modification to Notice of Intent (NOI) File No. P-2008-043 submitted in September, <br />2009 for the Centennial Mine proposal in Weld County. As the DRMS is aware, these <br />organizations and their members, including local residents and ground water users, have a long- <br />standing interest in Powertech's proposal to conduct in situ leach uranium mining in Weld County. <br />As discussed in detail below, there appear to be serious concerns regarding this recent Request for <br />Modification. <br />According to Powertech's Request for Modification: <br />The objectives of the Section 33 pumping test described in this plan are to: <br />1. Collect site-specific information on geology and groundwater conditions in Section 33 <br />and for the regional hydrogeological characterization; <br />2. Assess the hydrologic characteristics and their lateral continuity within the mineralized <br />production zone(i.e., A2 sand horizon); <br />Assess hydrologic communication in the mineralized zone between the pumping well <br />and surrounding production zone monitoring wells;