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STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF RECLAMATION, MINING AND SAFETY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 C O L O RA D O <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 D I V IS l ON OF <br />Phone: (303) 866-3561 RECLAMATION <br />FAX: (303) 832-8106 4 I? <br />? ?ij? CONFI J r?? e iAL MINING <br /> SAFETY <br /> Bill Ritter, Jr. <br /> Governor <br /> Harris D. Sherman <br /> Executive Director <br /> Ronald W. Cattany <br /> Division Director <br /> September 16, 2009 Natural Resource Trustee <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Jeffrey C. Parsons, Western Mining Action Pict '/ <br />FROM: Allen C. Sorenson <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />RE: Powertech's proposed modification MD-03 to Notice of Intent No. P-2008-043 <br />Powertech (USA) Inc. has filed modification MD-03 to their Prospecting Notice P-2008-043; MD-03 <br />proposes temporary surface storage followed by underground injection of ground water pumped from a <br />monitoring well for the purpose of aquifer testing. Western Mining Action Project had provided <br />comments on modification MD-02; that modification had proposed a surface infiltration/evaporation pit <br />for management of the pumped water. Modification MD-02 was withdrawn from consideration by <br />Powertech. The Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety had committed to keeping Western Mining <br />Action Project informed going forward on matters relating to the proposed pump test, and this memo <br />fulfills that commitment. You may view MD-03 online at by <br />entering P2008043 into the "Permit No" field. <br />Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this matter and if you want to continue to be <br />informed of developments relating to MD-03. <br />Office of <br />Mined Land Reclamation <br />Denver • Grand Junction • Durango <br />Office of <br />Active and Inactive Mines