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Cep <br />United States Department of the Interior <br />Bureau of Land ? Management <br />Uncompahgre Field Office <br />2505 South Townsend <br />Montrose, Colorado 81401 <br />RECEIVED <br />AUG 31 2009 <br />Division of Recla"110R, <br />Mining and Safety <br />Steven R. Schiesswohl <br />Realty Office <br />DOE-LM <br />11025 Dover St., Suite 1000 <br />Westminster, CO 80021 <br />Dear Mr. Schiesswohl: <br />',AUG 18 2009 <br />RECEIVED <br />AUG 2 0 2009 I'll <br />GRAND JUNCTIC'N 'N' LD OFFICE <br />DIVh 0?' 1 <br />RECLAMAT; ii iG & SAFETY <br />V l M1NIRll1 Q' IK MR\C! <br />uaw a u!? ?.w..?.? <br />In Reply <br />Refer to: <br />CO-150 <br />3809.301 <br />COC-71888 <br />P-SLO-9 - oi9 <br />P-ao- 5 - a0%.1 <br />Thank you for the notification that Cotter Corp. wishes to conduct uranium exploration drilling <br />on two DOE Lease Tracts (C-LP-21 and C-CM-25, Long Park and Club Mesa, respectively) <br />located in portions of T.47N., R. 17W., Section 5 and 27. We conducted a site visit with DOE <br />and CDRMS on July 16, 2009 to review your proposal. <br />This correspondence shall serve as notification to DOE for the purpose of their lease? <br />authorization stipulations. These stipulations described below are also required conditions upon <br />your DOE lease approval. <br />The notice is accepted and you may begin operations with the following conditions: <br />o The plans for Cotter Corporation for DOE Lease Tracts C-LP-21 (2 holes), and C-CM-25 <br />(1 hole) are concurred with the following cortin ;ernes: <br />C-CM-25: Disturbance should be kept within the disturbed roadway. Keep any <br />disturbance away from the small drainage adjacent to the roadway. <br />C-LP-21: Keep disturbance to a minimum. Remove brush only by cutting. Keep <br />activities from local drainages. <br />For both holes: All ground disturbing activities are to be completed by November 30, <br />2009. Please follow procedures set forth in Appendix A of the Notice of Intent to <br />Conduct Prospecting Operations for Hard Rock/Metal Mines. Reclaim and reseed <br />late this fall following disturbance to take advantage of winter moisture. <br />o Approval is given for the drill site locations inspected on 7/16/09. If other locations in