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Aug 17 09 11:29a AMSO LLC <br />-? IMr3s's 9706254318 p.1 <br />American Shale Oil, LLC <br /> <br /> <br />August 17, 2009 <br />Mr. Travis Marshall <br />Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />101 South 3`d Street, Suite 301 <br />Grand Junction CO 81501 <br />RECEIVED <br />AUG 17 2009 <br />GRAND JUNG O', HELD OFFICE <br />DIVISION OF <br />RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />R'C iVED <br />RE: American Shale Oil, LLC NOI No. P-2008-046 AUG 2 4 2009 <br />DrviUG of (? 2 <br />Decision Date Extension Miming amation, <br />and Safety <br />Dear Mr. Marshall, <br />Due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control, by this letter AMSO is requesting <br />that the DRMS extend the decision date for the above referenced NOI by 14 days to <br />August 31, 2009. <br />If we can assist you andior Division staff in conducting the review, please let me know. <br />For example, we welcome a meeting, in person or by telephone, with you and/or Division <br />staff to answer any questions you may have. <br />Sincerely, <br />i <br />Roger L. Day <br />Vice President of Operations <br />Copy: Paul Daggett, BLM White River Field Office <br />1 10 Tiast 3`1 Strc , Suite 201 PA. Box 1470; Rifle CO 81650 970-6251324 IOlle 970-625-4318 facsimile