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l ?tt`? l cAVrID; NTjA <br />ANNUAL FEE AND REQUEST FOR UPDATE OF INFORMATION RECEIVED <br />NOI NAME: Powertech (USA) Inc. U 4 <br />AUG 2009 <br />NOI NO.: /-2008-043 pivisiwn ui r-teclarnation, <br />OPERATION NAME: Centennial Uranium Project _tV Milling and Safety <br />ANNIVERSARY DATE: August 27, 2009 <br />ANNUAL FEE DUE: $$86.00 (Due on or before your anniversary date) <br />COUNTY: Weld <br />_ ----.On the anniversary date of the Notice of Intent (NOI), the operator must submit the annual fee. <br />Division records indicate the following NOI contact information. Please verify and make any necessary changes: <br />Explorer Contact: Richard Blubaugh <br />Explorer Name: Powertech (USA) Inc. <br />Address: 5575 DTC Pkwy, Suite 140 <br />Phone Number: <br />Fax Number <br />If you have additional comments and/or information that should be provided to the Division, please provide it <br />below or attach it to this form. We thank you for your attention to this matter. <br />'rc, ?L° <br />Signature oof' Corporate Office , Owner, or Designee <br />Aon <br />DatV <br />Greenwood Village, CO 80111 <br />(303) 790-7528 <br />(303) 790-3885 <br />M:\OSS\JWD\ANNFEE\FIRST LTRS. EAST MP 8-09\P-2008-043F ].DOC