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t Y <br />IN SECTION 31, T2N, R 101 W AND SECTION 36, T2N, R 102W OF THE 6TH P.M. <br />RIO BLANCO COUNTY, COLORADO <br />OLATION BERM <br />ISOLATION BERM <br />VATER <br />'IT) <br />FORMER <br />TOPSOIL <br />STOCKPILE <br />JUL 2 3 2009 <br />Divi im of Reclarrlatiofl, <br />MiWng and Safety <br />Permit #: <br />C lass: COnfidental ?: <br />T e - Se <br />Frvn. i� YID q.: <br />Doc. Na _ To: <br />me: ?av� <br />Tln,. Na r v r <br />A t tarnrvl• <br />n <br />�l� • � lI <br />JUL 14 2009 <br />GRAND JUNCTION FIELD OFFICE <br />DIVISION OF <br />RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />7kwf:l <br />BEARING BASE — S89'51'24 "E, 1992.40 FEET FROM THE NORTHWEST CORNER <br />(BLM ALUMINUM MONUMENT) OF GOVERNMENT LOT 2 OF SECTION 31, T2N, <br />R101W OF THE 6TH P.M. TO THE NORTHEAST CORNER (BLM ALUMINUM <br />MONUMENT) OF GOVERNMENT LOT 10 OF SAID SECTION 31 — ASSUMED <br />THE OWNERS SHOWN HEREON ARE FROM THE RIO BLANCO COUNTY <br />ASSESSOR'S OFFICE. <br />REVISED: 3 -30 -2009, 7 -10 -2009 <br />0 50 100 200 <br />SCALE: 1" = 100' <br />1' CONTOUR INTERVAL <br />