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C?M <br />RECEIVED <br />JUL 1 4 2009 L <br />GLAND JUNCI tt i hr-LU OFFICE <br />JUBILEE VENTURE, LLC RE:CLAMATDI DIVISION N MINING & SAFE W <br />19754 E EUCLID DRIVE <br />CENTENNIAL, COLORADO 80016 <br />303 617-0813 <br />July 13, 2009 <br />Mr. G. Russell Means, Environmental Protect Specialist <br />Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety <br />Grand Junction Field Office <br />101 3' Street <br />Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 <br />REC$NED <br />JUL 2 3 2009 <br />DivWW of Reclamation, <br />Mining and Safety <br />Re: Notice of Intent P-2009-015 kl? <br />Dear Russell, <br />Please accept this letter as our acceptance of the bond calculatio/and amount for the Notice of Intent <br />P-2009-015. <br />Thank ou <br />artin -Bauer, General Partner <br />Jubilee Venture, LLC