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49 SC 2: Erosion <br />Description Erosion logs filled <br />with rock or other <br />filter material used <br />for erosion and <br />sedinunt Control. <br />Applications <br />Used upstream <br />of curb inlets to <br />filter sediment <br />laden runot I. <br />Logs of various <br />length can be <br />ac'comitiodated <br />I <br />with multiple log ti <br />installed in series. Tvpical placement of a log is upstreaul of an inlet, in <br />the t,uttei flow line, and also at the entrance of an inlet. <br />• Used as check dams in ditches and s\,vales for erosion control until <br />vegetative cover is established. <br />• Used as a temporary leature. <br />Limitations <br />Material <br />Installation <br />• Logs are manufactured BNIPs. IZeler to the ilia IllItacturer lot' f;liidelilles <br />oil limitations. <br />• DO not use in ditches alld swales with continuous flow. <br />• 1+everal tvpes of logs exist. A "gravel" lot; is typically a cvlindrical <br />`hailed tilter with I i inch Illesll or burlap filter cover filled with ' 4 inch <br />gravel. Refer to the manufacturer for specitic material specifications. <br />Gwiieral installation guidelines are provided, however, rater to the <br />nlanutacturer tot' specific installation requirements. <br />0