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<br />?P-ay to <br />NON CONFIDENTIAL a C) <br />Vol oB - 3 of 3 <br />PLAN OF DEVELOPMENT <br />RECD <br />? I iXi, 2 i 2009 <br />Division of Kec.:ma!iow, <br />for MWng and Safety <br />OIL SHALE RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND <br />DEMONSTRATION (RD&D) TRACT <br />OR Shale Lease COC 69169 <br />• Submitted to <br />Bureau of Land Management <br />White River Field Office <br />73544 Hwy 64 <br />Meeker CO 81641, <br />Submitted by <br />American Shale Oil, LLC <br />P.O. Box 1470 <br />110 E. 3rd Street, Suite 201 <br />Rifle CO 81650 <br />May 15, 2009 <br />0