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<br />CIVD <br />MAY 0 7 2009 <br />Divisio , or r?,ect=mation, <br />Mirsing and Safety <br />Russ Means, CDRMS <br />101 S. P, Suite 301 <br />Grand Junction, CO 81501 <br />Dear Mr. Means: <br />United States Department of the Interior <br />Bureau of Land Management <br />Uncompahgre Field Office <br />2505 South Townsend <br />Montrose, Colorado 81401 <br />LL i dBAil?BI? 6t ne utmen <br />M1W M WIY ViMUm?ti <br />In Reply <br />Refer to: <br />CO-150 <br />APR 3 0 2009 3809.301 <br />COC - 68907 <br />RECEIVED <br />MAY 0 12009 <br />GRAND JUNCTION FIELD OFFICE <br />DIVISION-OF <br />RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />On April 24, 2009 this office received your SL-01 correspondence regarding releasing B1ueRock <br />Energy Corporation's $4,208.00 bond amount related to the J Birds project (CDRMS NOI <br />#P - 2008 - 017). . <br />We have reviewed our inspection report and we concur with your inspection findings that there <br />was no surface disturbing activity conducted as authorized by the BLM and that the bond amount <br />for this NOI can be released. <br />Please call BLM Geologist Robert Ernst at (970) 240-5305 if you have questions. Thank you for <br />your cooperation. <br />Sincerely, <br />9A6,14 44a? <br />Barbara Sharrow <br />Manager, Uncompahgre Field Office <br />cc: BEC