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TATE ` CAF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF RECLAMATION, MINING AND SAFETY ° ` CEI Y ED <br />Department of Natural Resources / "JV 1313 Sherman St., Room 2 N5 MAR 2 ? 2009 <br />Denver, Colorado 8,0203 aLL- -? C a 1. O P LA DO <br />D? piVMStON OF <br />Phan. `_31, y Division of Keclamation, RECLAMATION <br />FAX: 1303; 832-8106 I. h {'r <br />Mining and Safety M 1. 1, NN <br />SAFETY* <br />ONE SITE PROSPECTL G FINANCIAL WARRANTY sii= Ritter, Jr- lriw`Je(^.r <br />CHECK FOR DEPOSIT IN STATE TREASURY L--, Harris D. She reran <br />Executive, Directrx <br />r Ron8i'd W, Cattany <br />Prospecting Financial Warranty No. Cashiers Check No. 0474508591 DfvisionMeoer <br />Natural ReSOUrce Trustee <br />Notice of Intent No, P-2008-043 (MD-01) <br />This form has been approved by the'Mined Land Reclamation Board ("Board") pursuant to section 34-32-117, <br />C.R.S., of the Colorado Land Reclamation Act. Any alteration or modification of this form, without approval by the <br />Board sliall result in the financial warranty being invalid and result in the voiding of any permit issued in <br />conjunction with such invalid financial warranty, and subject the Prospector to cease and desist orders and civil <br />penalties for prospecting without a permit pursuant to section 34-32-123, C.R.S., of the Colorado Land <br />Reclamation Act. <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we (1), Powertech (USA) Inc. <br />of the County of Hughes , in the State of South Dakota as <br />Principal(s) are (am) held hereby and firmly bound unto the State of Colorado, acting through the Mined Land <br />Reclamation Board in the sum of Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($ 07,400.00 )for the <br />payment of which sum, well and truly to be made, we (1:) hereby bind ourselve(s), and each of our (my) legal <br />representatives; executors, administrators, successors and assigns, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. <br />WHEREAS, the Principal has filed Notices of Intent to Conduct Prospecting Operations with the Board on the <br />premises indicated on the Notices of Intent filed with the Board which are attached hereto and thereby incorporated by <br />reference, to wit: <br />sixteen (16) wells located within Weld County, Colorado - see attached schedule. <br />NI-OW., 'i'x?:REFOR-E, the conditions of this obligation are such that if the a&rve-bounded .Principal shall, in <br />conducting such prospecting operations, faittifully perform the provisions of the Notices of Intent to Conduct <br />Prospecting operations filed or to be filed with the Board and the requirements of the plan to implement reclarnation <br />treasures to reclaim all of the lands affected throughout the State by such prospecting operations, approved and <br />modified by the Colorado Land Reclamation Act as amended, and the Rules and. Regulations adopted pursuant <br />thereto; upon the Board making the finding that all of the lands described in the Notices of Intent to Conduct <br />Prospecting Operations filed or to be tiled with the Board which are attached hereto and hereby incorporated by <br />reference have been satisfactorily reclaimed and approving the Prospector's request for a financial warranty release on <br />such. lands, then this obligation shall be exonerated and discharged and become null and void; otherwise to remain in <br />full force and ef.:ct:. <br />Office of ? Office of <br />Mined ?.and Rechiation Denier - Grand Junction - Durango All and Inactive viinef <br />tive