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<br />.P-acxozd-oy9 <br />Form 2 (Public File) <br />NOTICE OF INTENT TO CONDUCT PROSPECTING OPERATIONS <br />FOR HARD ROCKIMETAL MINES <br />CHECK ONE: There is an NOI Number Already Assigned to this Operation <br />NOI # P- - (Please reference the file number this operation) <br />--)L-New NOI <br />Modification to an Existing NOI <br />NOI# Pte. - (Provide for Modifications'to an existing NO0 <br />GENERAL OPERATION INFORMATION <br />Type or print clearly, in the space provided; ALL information described below. <br />1. GENERAL INFORMATION ' <br />1. DATE NOI RECEIVED BY THE DIVISION: office use on1 <br />.2. PROJECT NAME:_ ' HC, 0&% MS <br />3. PROSPECTOR: PERSON i1ILRB SHOU`LP CONTACT: <br />Name e Name :Ce <br />_ - <br />..Title:, - <br />- - Title: Ge-o 1C, 5 - _.. <br />Company Name: CX\j <br />_tn??S ry 6?.ce45 Company Name: rj," r V ?'^?`5 ?eSa,.ctzS <br />Street: 3155- °IO Street: <br />P.O. Box: P.O. Box: <br />City: <br />--- ?? .-- - --_ City: _ Nom' a <br />State: C O - -- - <br />. .. State: CC) <br />Zip Code: Zip Code: ?S) ?a <br />"T"elephone Number: 97 - i6 t{" a1aS Telephone Number: 9 b4 <br />Fax Number: 1-20-'914--P-76 <br />Fax Number: 970 ° gb Ll - 77 -7 <br />6 <br />4. APPLICATION FEE: SW (NOIs require a $86 fee which must accompany this notice or it cannot be processed by the <br />Division). <br />f <br />5. LOCATION INFORMATION: <br />County:.._ Mewsa - <br />e <br />PRINICIPAI::LIERJDAN (check one) 6 (Colorado) ? 10" (New Mexico) -- (L'te) <br />SECTION (wri.te number): y' - 15 -- <br />i <br />t <br />RECEIVED <br />JUL 17 2008 <br />Division or Reclamation, L <br />Mining and Safety