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B&A jL' <br />Environmental Consultants <br /> <br />2580 Creekview Road <br />Moab, Utah 84532 <br />435-719-2018 435-719-2019 Fax <br />RECFE-HVED <br />July 9, 2008 , JUL 1 12008 <br />G. Russell Means p d? GRAND ICU) OFFICE <br />,Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety DIVI810 i OF <br />State of Colorado RECLAMATION flrlKNG, & SAFETY <br />101. S. 3rd St., Suite 301 <br />Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 <br />RE: Homeland Uranium - Statement of estimated reclamation liability acceptance ? JAL 17 <br />LO? <br />Atkinson Mesa Notice of Ini 1ent(P-2008-21) ? <br />Division otad Safety r<eclamation, <br />Dear Russ: Mining <br />On behalf of Homeland Uranium, Inc. Buys & Associates, Inc. submits the following statement of <br />estimated reclamation liability in response to your letter dated July 2, 2008. Homeland Uranium, Inc. has <br />reviewed and accepts the estimated reclamation liability calculations and final amount of $8,045.00 for the <br />submitted Atkinson Mesa Notice of Intent. <br />Thank you very much for your timely consideration of our submitted applications. Please feel free to <br />contact myself or John Quigley of Homeland Uranium, Inc. at 970-261-6100 should you have any <br />questions or need additional information. <br />Sincerely, <br />?Bn / VL?.yK <br />Don Hamilton <br />Agent for Homeland Uranium, Inc. <br />Enc. <br />cc: John Quigley, Homeland Uranium, Inc. <br />Robert Ernst, BLM Uncompahgre Field Office